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How to Get Reimbursement for Your Period Panties Through Your Health Insurance, Region or City?

Period Panties have become an essential product for many women concerned about their well-being and the environment. Often considered a healthy and ecological alternative to disposable protection, Period Panties are experiencing growing success. However, their price may represent a barrier to their adoption by certain people. This is why there are now solutions to get this expense reimbursed by your mutual insurance company, or by your region! In this article, we present the steps to follow to obtain this reimbursement.

The evolution of hygienic protection in France

hygienic protection reimbursement

The development of hygienic protection in France has made remarkable progress. In response to environmental concerns and financial challenges, eco-friendly alternatives like period panties and reusable menstrual cups are gaining popularity. This transition is supported by measures such as free distribution of hygienic protection in high schools, effectively combating menstrual poverty.

The reduction of VAT to 5,5% on these products since 2015 reflects an increased awareness of the importance of women's health and the preservation of the environment, while encouraging the adoption of sustainable solutions. These initiatives, combined with the commitment of communities and businesses, contribute to a gradual transition towards more respectful and accessible practices in terms of menstrual health.

Find a mutual fund that reimburses Period Panties

First of all, it is essential to check if your complementary health insurance covers the reimbursement of Period Panties. In fact, some mutual insurance companies have already integrated this type of purchase into their guarantees and offer partial or total reimbursement. To do this, do not hesitate to consult the general conditions of your health insurance contract or to contact your advisor directly.

Compare the different mutual insurance offers

When looking for a mutual that reimburses Period Panties, remember to compare the different offers available on the market. It is important to take into account the quality of the guarantees offered, as well as the cost of monthly contributions. Also don't forget to check the support conditions and the reimbursement amount granted for this type of purchase.

Request a personalized quote

To obtain precise information on the coverage of Period Panties by your mutual insurance company, do not hesitate to request a personalized quote. This will allow you to know precisely the guarantees you benefit from as well as the reimbursement terms applicable to this type of purchase.

Request financial support from your region

In addition to mutual societies, certain regions have set up local initiatives aimed at facilitating access to reusable periodic protection. These measures generally concern adolescent girls attending secondary schools or students enrolled in the region's university, but can also extend to people in precarious situations, whatever their age.

Region Amount of Aid Conditions
The Land of Abers 30€ One grant per woman, several possible per household.
Le Grand Nancy 100% of the cost including tax, capped at €30 One grant per year and per person.
The Charente 50% of the invoice including tax, capped at €50 One grant per household, once.
Sybert Territory 50% of the sale price, capped at €50 including tax One grant per year and per beneficiary, limited to 250 beneficiaries in 2023.

Find out more from your municipality or region

To find out if your region offers a reimbursement program for Period Panties, it is essential to inquire with your municipality or other administrative structures. You can, for example, consult the website of your town hall, contact the dedicated service directly or follow local news to be informed of existing systems.

Check eligibility criteria

Once you have identified a local initiative offering reimbursement for period panties, check the eligibility criteria before committing. In fact, these systems can be reserved for certain categories of people: students, people in precarious situations, etc. So make sure you meet the conditions required to benefit from reimbursement.

Gather the necessary supporting documents

Once you have validated your eligibility for the reimbursement program in your region, you will need to gather the necessary documents to put together your file. Here is a non-exhaustive list of documents that may be requested from you:

  • Proof of purchase of Period Panties (invoice, receipt, etc.)
  • Student card or other document proving your school/university status
  • Proof of residence
  • Copy of your identity card

Make sure you provide all the required elements to maximize your chances of receiving a refund.

Reimbursement of reusable periodic products from 2024

From 2024, France will reimburse reusable periodic protection, such as menstrual cups, Period Panties and washable sanitary napkins, for women aged 25 and under. This initiative, announced by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, aims to reduce menstrual poverty and promote sustainable choices by reducing waste linked to disposable protection. This measure is part of an eco-responsible approach, encouraging the use of organic and reusable products for more environmentally friendly management of menstrual needs.

The benefits of reimbursed Period Panties and sanitary protection

The fact that certain mutual insurance companies and regions now offer reimbursement for Period Panties represents a real advantage for many women. In fact, this support allows:

  1. To improve the comfort and well-being of users
  2. To reduce the ecological footprint linked to the use of disposable protections
  3. To promote equal access to periodic protection, particularly for people in precarious situations
  4. To encourage the transition towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly products

It is therefore essential to continue to promote these local initiatives and these mutual offers in order to generalize the reimbursement of Period Panties and to support this evolution towards a healthier and more sustainable alternative.

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