Couple in complete intimacy

Tips & Tricks for Fully Living Your Sexuality During Your Period

Couple in full sexual intimacy

Historically, periods have been shrouded in stigma and myth, hindering women's sexual freedom. However, recent research indicates that perceptions of sex during menstruation are changing, with growing awareness of the importance of intimacy throughout the menstrual cycle. By approaching this subject in a frank and uninhibited manner, we can help to demystify taboos and encourage a more inclusive and enlightened vision of sexuality.

Practical Tips for Sex During Periods

Addressing sexuality during menstruation requires special attention to hygiene, an aspect that concerns many people. For a clean and pleasant experience, consider using dark towels or dedicated sheets, which will reduce worries about blood spots. Taking a shower together before the act can also create a moment of intimacy while ensuring optimal hygiene for both partners.

Using appropriate protection, such as tampons, menstrual cups or sponges specially designed for sexual intercourse, can make it easier to manage the flow and alleviate fears related to dirt. It is essential to choose the protection that suits you best, based on your comfort and personal preferences.

Experiment with cunnilingus or sexual positions that put less pressure on the abdomen can also help reduce possible discomfort. For example, lying or lateral positions may be more comfortable and reduce the feeling of pressure. This may be particularly beneficial for women who suffer from menstrual cramps or increased sensitivity during their period.

To make love during menstruation, certain sexual positions may offer more comfort. Here are examples of positions that may be favored:

  1. The spoon : This position, where both partners lie on their sides, one behind the other, allows for gentle penetration and reduces pressure on the abdomen. It is also an intimate position which promotes proximity and caresses.
  2. The modified missionary : In this variation of the missionary position, placing a cushion under the woman's hips can help reduce pressure and adjust the angle of penetration for greater comfort.
  3. The woman lying on her stomach : The partner lies on her stomach, possibly with a pillow under her hips for slight elevation, while the partner positions herself on top. This position limits the depth of penetration and can help control the intensity of sensations.
  4. The face-to-face sitting position : Partners sit facing each other, legs intertwined, allowing full control of penetration and movements. This position also promotes increased intimacy and the possibility of exchanging caresses.

Exploring Sexuality Beyond Penetration

Menstruation provides an opportunity to explore facets of sexuality that go beyond penetration, thereby enriching the overall sexual experience. Oral sex, mutual masturbation and caressing are all alternatives that can provide intense pleasure and strengthen a deep emotional connection.

Using protective barriers such as dental dams during oral sex helps ensure safe and hygienic sexual practice. This period is ideal for discovering new erogenous zones and experimenting with various sexual techniques, thus leading to increased satisfaction and a better understanding of the sexual preferences of each partner.

Preventive measures and precautions for fulfilling sexual relations

Health and safety must remain top priorities, particularly during periods when the risk of transmitting infections may be slightly increased. The use of condoms is essential to prevent sexually transmitted infections and ensure safe sex.

It is also crucial to maintain good personal hygiene before and after sex to minimize the risk of infections. Being attentive to your body's signals and not ignoring possible signs of discomfort or unusual reactions is essential. Consulting a healthcare professional in case of doubt or concerning symptoms can contribute to a healthy and fulfilling sexual experience, even during menstruation.

Embrace your sexuality at any point in the cycle

Experiencing your sexuality fully during your period is not only possible, but can also be rewarding. By deconstructing taboos and equipping ourselves with knowledge and practices that promote well-being and safety, every woman can explore her sexuality with confidence and satisfaction. Acceptance of your body and its natural rhythms is the key to a fulfilling sex life and a strengthened intimate relationship.
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