Vaginal Cones strengthening pelvic floor

Vaginal Cones: Your Ally to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

Strengthening the pelvic floor is an important concern for many women. To help them in this process, several accessories exist, including vaginal cones. In this article we will present their characteristics and their use so that you can choose the best solution for your needs.

The role of the pelvic floor

pelvic floor role

LThe pelvic floor is a set of muscles located at the base of the pelvis. These muscles support vital organs like the uterus, bladder and rectum. A strong pelvic floor is essential to ensure the proper functioning of these organs, particularly for bladder control and fulfilling sexuality.

However, different factors such as childbirth, aging or certain physical activities can weaken these muscles, potentially leading to problems such as urinary incontinence, organ prolapse (prolapse) or reduced sexual sensations. Strengthening the pelvic floor, through targeted exercises and the use of accessories such as vaginal cones, can help prevent or treat these discomforts.

Combine business with pleasure with vaginal cones

vaginal cones pelvic floor

Appearing on the market a few years ago, vaginal cones have become a preferred choice among solutions intended to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They are offered in different sizes and variable weights to best adapt to each woman. Designed to be easy to use and comfortable, they are easily positioned in the vagina and therefore act directly on the area concerned for a targeted and lasting effect.

Recently introduced to the market, vaginal cones have quickly become a go-to option for pelvic floor strengthening. Available in different sizes and weights, they adapt perfectly to the anatomy of each woman. Easy to use and comfortable, they are easily inserted into the vagina, where they act in a targeted and effective manner on the muscles concerned, for long-lasting results.

Why use vaginal cones?

Regular use of vaginal cones helps strengthen the pelvic floor, which has multiple benefits. A toned pelvic floor improves the quality of sexual sensations and plays an essential role in preventing urinary incontinence, particularly after childbirth or during menopause.

These accessories help to precisely target the muscles of the perineum, preventing incorrect use of the abdominal or gluteal muscles. Additionally, a strong perineum facilitates childbirth and speeds postpartum recovery.

Vaginal cones allow you to perform these exercises discreetly, at home, without requiring frequent visits to a professional. They therefore offer a practical and completely self-sustaining method for maintaining the health of this important area without interfering with your daily activities.

How to use vaginal cones to naturally strengthen the perineum?

Strengthening the perineum with vaginal cones is simple and involves actively contracting the vaginal muscles around the device to hold it in place. A series of contractions and relaxations is then carried out, which helps strengthen the muscles concerned. The size and weight of the cone chosen depend on the strength of each woman's pelvic muscles: it is possible to start with a light model then gradually increase the load for ever more intense work.

Here are some tips for using vaginal cones properly:

  • Select a cone that suits your needs, starting with a light weight. This will allow you to get used to the exercise and gauge your comfort level.
  • Choose a relaxing moment to insert the cone into the vagina. Position yourself upright, legs slightly bent, and gradually contract the vaginal muscles to hold the cone in place.
  • Perform a series of contractions and releases, holding each contraction for 3 to 5 seconds. This allows the affected muscles to be actively strengthened.
  • When exercising with a specific weight becomes easy, move up to a higher weight cone to continue to challenge and strengthen your pelvic muscles. This progression guarantees a gentle build-up of strength and endurance.
  • The key to significant improvement is regular practice. Incorporate these exercises into your daily routine for fast and lasting results.

    Kegel exercises, often offered in addition to vaginal cones, can also be done alone. They also help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve their tone.

    Comparison of solutions to strengthen the pelvic floor

    kegel exercise strengthening pelvis

    Beyond vaginal cones and geisha balls, there are other proposals on the market to improve the pelvic floor muscles. To help you see things more clearly, here is a quick comparison of the main solutions:

    • Vaginal cones : These devices, conical in shape, are inserted into the vagina for contraction exercises. They have variable weights, adapting to the strength of each woman, and allow effective muscular strengthening of the perineum.
    • Geisha balls : Designed to be worn inside the vagina, they stimulate the muscles through movement. They are ideal for passive exercise and can provide pleasurable sexual stimulation.
    • Kegel Exercises : These are voluntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, which can be performed without equipment. Practical and economical, these exercises are however less precise in targeting action and progression compared to vaginal cones or geisha balls.
    Solution Functioning Benefits
    Vaginal cones Inserted into the vagina, used for contraction exercises Variable weights, adapted to each woman, effectively strengthen the perineum
    Geisha balls Worn inside the vagina, stimulate the muscles through movement Passive exercises, pleasurable sexual stimulation
    Kegel Exercises Repeated contractions of the pelvic floor muscles Without equipment, practical, economical, less targeted

    Difference between vaginal cones and Geisha balls

    geisha ball perineum exercise

    In addition to vaginal cones, other similar accessories are intended for pelvic strengthening: this is the case of geisha balls. While these two solutions share a common goal – strengthening the perineum – they have some differences in their use and design.

    Characteristic Vaginal cones Geisha balls
    Form Conical Round or oval
    Weight Adjustable Fixed
    Insertion Inserted one by one In pairs connected by a wire

    Which reinforcement device to choose?

    The choice of device essentially depends on personal preferences and the level of comfort desired. For some women, vaginal cones seem more suitable as a first approach to pelvic exercises, due to their ease of use and the possibility of adjusting the weight according to the progress made. Geisha balls are more suitable for women who want sexual stimulation while working their perineum, or who want more sustained work with a fixed load.

    In conclusion, vaginal cones are an effective option for strengthening the pelvic floor. They are particularly suitable for women wishing to actively work their intimate muscles by following an exercise program adapted to their progress. For more passive work or additional sexual stimulation, love balls may be preferred. Finally, kegel exercises are the solution for those who do not wish to use specific equipment.

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