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Today, we share a convivial moment with Caroline, a 42-year-old mother living in Bordeaux. Caroline is the mother of two children, including Léa, a 14-year-old teenager who loves holidays by the sea. This summer, Léa went to summer camp, and to allow her to fully enjoy her aquatic activities even during her period, Caroline chose a Period Swimwear for teens. She tells us about her experience and explains why this swimsuit has changed their daily life.

Caroline, how did you discover period swimwear?

Caroline: So, I was quietly on the Internet looking for a solution for Léa. She had just had her first period, and it was becoming difficult for her to enjoy the beach and the sea during her vacation. Tampons, she was a little intimidated at the thought of using them, and sanitary napkins, that was not going to be possible at the beach. And then I came across your site, and I thought it was worth trying a menstrual shirt.

And what convinced you to buy a Period Swimwear for Léa?

Caroline: Frankly, what appealed to me was the practical and reassuring side. Léa could enjoy the beach and swim without being afraid of leaks, and then it looked comfortable. The customer reviews were super positive, and the models offered were nice. So I said to myself, why not, and I ordered one for Léa.

What did Léa think of the Period Swimwear when she tried it on for the first time?

Carolina: At first, Léa had some reservations and questions about the Period Swimwear. She wondered if it would really work and if she wouldn't feel embarrassed wearing it. But once she tried it for the first time, she was absolutely thrilled! She told me that she felt comfortable in it, that it was comfortable and that she didn't feel like she was wearing anything special for her period at all.

Léa was relieved to be able to enjoy her vacation without worrying about leaks or having to use tampons, which intimidated her a little. She told me that she felt more free and confident with this Period Swimwear. In addition, she was pleasantly surprised by the design and the cut, which were very successful. Léa was able to take full advantage of her holidays and her activities without constraints linked to her periods, and that is really great!

Did Léa share her experience with her friends in camp? What did they think of it?

Caroline: Yes, she talked about it to some friends in camp, and they thought it was great! Some were even curious to test the Period Swimwear. I think it's a great solution for all young girls who want to continue enjoying beach activities without constraints during their period.

Do you think this Period Swimwear is also suitable for adult women?

Carolina: Absolutely ! I am convinced that women of all ages can benefit from the benefits of period swimwear. Besides, after seeing Léa's positive experience, I am seriously considering buying one for myself. I think Period Swimwears are so practical and comfortable that they can suit anyone, regardless of age.

While talking with friends, I realized that many of us are looking for alternatives to traditional protection, and the Period Swimwear perfectly meets this need. Whether it's enjoying a day at the beach, relaxing by the pool, or simply feeling more comfortable during menstruation, I believe this swimsuit can make a real improvement in our daily lives.

Could you give us some tips for the maintenance of the Period Swimwear?

Carolina: To be honest, I thought the maintenance would be complicated, but in reality, it's really simple. Simply rinse the jersey in cold water after each use to remove salt, sand and chlorine. Then, it must be washed by hand or in the washing machine at low temperature, with a mild detergent. I use a special detergent for delicate textiles, and it works very well.

Finally, I let the jersey air dry rather than putting it in the dryer, because the heat could damage the materials. And you know what ? It dries really fast! Frankly, maintenance is a breeze, and that's a real plus for me.

Finally, what are the benefits of the period swimsuit that you would like to share with other parents and teenage girls?

Caroline: I would say the main benefit is the freedom it provides. With a period swimsuit, young girls no longer have to worry about their period or the use of internal protection that can intimidate them. They can enjoy their aquatic activities with complete peace of mind and without constraints.

In addition, the Period Swimwear is an ecological and economical solution, since it is reusable. This reduces waste associated with disposable pads and saves money in the long run. And finally, I find that the models offered are really pretty and trendy, which is a plus for teenage girls!

Caroline's testimonial highlights the many benefits of period swimwear for young girls and women of all ages. If, like Léa, you want to make the most of your holidays by the sea without worrying about your period, don't hesitate to adopt this practical, comfortable and ecological solution. So, go to our site and discover our range of menstrual swimwear so that the rules are no longer an obstacle to the pleasures of the beach!

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