Collection: Period Panties

Free yourself from the rules and live your life without compromise. Discover the ideal menstrual protection for periods with complete confidence and freedom!
Group of women of all ages and backgrounds wearing Period Panties

Long live the Menstrual Revolution!

No more pads and tampons that turn you into a mummy! Forget leaks, odors and irritation! Period Panties are here to save your life.

Comfortable, breathable, and ultra-absorbent, it allows you to surf your cycle (or do sports, yoga, or just chill) without any fear.

Ecological, economical, and so stylish, Period Panties are the new revolution that will change your rules and the world!

So, ready to let go and embrace the power of your Kraken?

Dare Comfort, Dare Freedom

Imagine... Reliable and invisible protection, without feeling of humidity or unpleasant odor. Our washable and reusable Period Panties are designed to offer you optimal comfort throughout your period.

Say goodbye to leaks and changes every few hours! With our Period Panties, you benefit from protection of up to 12 hours, to live your days peacefully, without any constraints.

The New Generation of Menstrual Underwear

Whether you're a teenager, an active woman or a mom, we have the perfect period panties for you!

Teen Period Panties

Perfect for young girls, for a comfortable first experience.

Menstrual Shorties

Discretion and comfort guaranteed for a casual look.

Period Panties Thongs

For those who prefer fine and elegant lingerie.

Detachable Panties

Adapted to large flows, for optimal protection.

Tailles High

Comfort and support guaranteed for all body types.


Invisible under your clothes, for total freedom.

Plus size

For all women, whatever their body shape.

Abundant Rules

Ultra-absorbent models for reliable protection.

Economy Packs

Save money by buying several panties at the same time.

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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

By choosing Period Panties, you are doing something for the planet and for your wallet. No more mountains of disposable waste, and savings in the long term.

Thousands of women have already adopted Period Panties. The menstrual revolution is underway!

Join us !