Period Panties And Briefs For Heavy Periods

Briefs for heavy periods

The heavy periods are one of menstrual disorders most common in women of childbearing age. Heavier bleeding the first two or three days of your rules are normal and do not always indicate that something is wrong. In fact, your menstrual flow may vary from month to month. It can be affected by your lifestyle, your diet or even by hormonal changes. The period panties for heavy flow are external hygienic protections comfortable, effective and safe with greater than normal absorption capacities. Those heavy period briefs are more covering which offers a wider absorbent zone at the front and at the back. A natural way to absorb menstrual blood to keep you dry day and night.

How do you know if you have heavy periods?

When your period is abnormal excessive and/or prolonged or that they have an impact on your activities, your daily life or that they cause increased use of hygienic products, we are talking about heavy periods or even menorrhagia.

Your rules are considered particularly abundant when :

  • You must change your pads or tampons every 1 to 2 hours.
  • You lose a lot of blood or you have regular leaks despite the use of periodic protections.
  • You double your menstrual pads to absorb your period.
  • You notice clots of blood.
  • Looking cancel activities because of your heavy periods.
  • You are often up at night to change your menstrual protection or sheets.
  • You are feeling very tired.

Although it is possible to naturally decrease the abundance of periods, it is best to quickly consult a health professional If in doubt.

Briefs For Abundant Periods

Panties or briefs for heavy periods are eco-responsible, more durable hygienic protections and more respectful of your health. Period Panties are specially designed for absorb the rules and offer you up to 12 hours of protection. Nevertheless, in the event of abundant or even very abundant flow, it is possible that your panties will quickly be full. In this case maximum duration of protection will be reduced but several solutions exist. Each woman being different, we recommend that you test beforehand your period panties at home to accurately determine its absorption level in terms of your own stream. A simple way to determine the level of absorbency that is best for you.

High Waist Heavy Flow Period Panties

Which Period Panties For Heavy Flow Should You Choose?

In the case of heavy periods, we advise you to avoid using our Period Panties Thongs whose absorption capacity might be a little too limited. At Oduho, we have developed unique models of panties and briefs for heavy periods designed to absorb large quantities of liquid. For an abundant flow, we have in particular panties particularly adapted to this scenario. Our models of heavy period briefs are more covering, more enveloping and have a wider absorbent zone both in front and behind to avoid leaks. These models are capable of absorbing the equivalent of four pads to let you enjoy your day without ever having to worry about your period.

Why Are Heavy Period Briefs One Of The Best Washable Period Pads?

  • The heavy flow period panty can hold up to four times more liquid than a conventional heavy flow buffer.
  • With more capacity than tampons or pads, you can comfortably wear your heavy period panties for 8 to 12 hours maximum.
  • Unlike traditional menstrual products, you won't even notice you're wearing a underpants for heavy periods. You can wear your usual clothes and maintain your activities without any compromise.
  • As it is a zero waste product, period panties are washable and reusable. Therefore, they allow significantly reduce the amount of waste related to rules. They are both healthier for you and healthier for the planet.
  • The lifespan of Period Panties being for several years, they are cheaper and more economical as tampons, pads or panty liners.

How To Use Period Panties For Heavy Periods?

Which heavy flow Period Panties to choose?

To cope with your period, you have the choice between a large range of products. Some women swear by sanitary napkins or tampons, while others prefer period cups or panties. Depending on your flow, the heavy period briefs can totally replace disposable menstrual products (pantyliners, sanitary napkins or tampons). For very heavy periods, it is possible to use Period Panties in addition of another type of reusable protection such as the menstrual cup or washable sanitary napkins for heavy periods. It is also possible to take with you one or two period panties spare extra so you can change discreetly on the toilet when you feel your period panties start to saturate. In this case, there is small waterproof pouches very practical which allow you to carry your clean and/or dirty panties cleanly and safely in your handbag. Change your period forever with one of our period panties for your heavy periods.

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