Collection: Menstrual Shorty

A Special Menstrual Menstrual Trunk

Le menstrual shorty is a reusable and waterproof period underwear that replaces periodic products single-use that we have all been using for years. the menstrual shorty for women has become increasingly popular in recent years.

These models are a excellent alternative tampons, pads and other menstrual products. They provide a safe user experience while saving you money in the long term, the menstrual shorty is a fantastic investment to pass your period with peace of mind.

The Benefits of Menstrual Shorties

Le menstrual shorty is an underwear ultra-comfortable that you can wear during your period without worrying about leaks and uncomfortable feelings that other means of periodic protection. They constitute a sustainable alternative to pads or tampons and aim to make menstruation more comfortable, healthier and more affordable.

Le menstrual shorty actually looks like a ordinary boyshorts since it is used and worn in exactly the same way. However, it differs from it by the presence of a absorbent insert specially wrapped to absorb menstrual blood.

How Does a Menstrual Shorty Work?

The gusset (crotch fabric) is made of multiple layers of fabric that resist stains, wick away moisture and absorb liquids. These materials are directly integrated into the menstrual shorty so as not to be visible.

You may feel the fabric is slightly thicker when holding a pair in your hands, but when wearing a menstrual shorty you feel absolutely nothing. This way you are at safe from leaks or stains unsightly.

The Oduho Menstrual Shorty Collection

Combine the elegance and discretion of menstrual shorties with the absorbency of Period Panties to be effectively protected during your menstrual cycle. Our menstrual shorties can absorb the equivalent of 3 to 4 tampons regularly to offer you up to 12 hours of protection in a row without leakage, without odor and without any feeling of humidity.

Both aesthetic and ultra-comfortable, this extra vaginal hygienic protection stands out as the alternative healthy and ecological by excellent to fully assume its femininity.