Collection: Menstrual Shorty

Experience your period in complete freedom thanks to the menstrual shorty, your ally for limitless everyday comfort!
A woman casually reading a book on a sofa, dressed in menstrual shorts and a sports bra, with a towel on her head.

More than protection, it's a revolution.

Challenge the rules in style and comfort.

Switch to the comfort and protection of menstrual shorties.

Your ally for limitless rules, throughout your cycle.

Two women posing together, one of them wearing menstrual shorts, in a warmly lit setting with a textured pink background.

Your Freedom Starts Now!

Control your flow. Unleash your power. Be unstoppable.

Dare the power of menstrual freedom with our collection of menstrual shorties.

Lingerie that accompanies you at every stage of your cycle.

Explore, Move, Live.

Explore the world, move without limits. Live your life to the fullest without worrying about your period.

Affirm your femininity and enjoy optimal protection with the EVA menstrual shorty with clean lines and refined lace. THE menstrual shorty ADÈLE discreet and comfortable fits under all your clothes without being noticed.

Specially designed for young girls looking for comfort and freedom, the menstrual shorty for teens BEAUTIFUL is available in trendy colors and patterns.

Your menstrual cycle has never been so sexy!