Collection: Detachable Period Panties

Remove, wash, and repeat! Simplicity reinvented with detachable Period Panties.
Immerse yourself in nature with detachable Period Panties

Menstrual Freedom Redefined

Change your Period Panties discreetly, even in the most unexpected places.

No need to undress anymore, the panties come off!

A woman reveals her sensuality in detachable Period Panties

Your Rules, Your Conditions

Maximum absorption, total discretion, for invisible rules.

Feel beautiful and confident, even during your period.

Redefine Your Menstrual Cycle

Light or heavy flow, find the panties that suit you.

VICTORIA et ROMY, detachable Period Panties, for optimal absorption and tailor-made comfort.

Succumb to the charm of VICTORIA, our pressure menstrual lingerie, with its lovely lace patterns at the waist, for a feminine and glamorous look.

ROMY, adjustable to your silhouette thanks to its clips, for comfort that can be adjusted as desired.

Dare the freedom to move, to sweat, to live!