Collection: Heavy Flow Period Panties

Experience your periods differently with our Period Panties for heavy flows. Dare to change.
Woman lying down wearing Period Panties for heavy periods, comfort and confidence in complete elegance.

Live Your Period Without Limits

Abundant periods, who cares?

Don't let your cycle hold you back!

Heavy flow Period Panties are your SECRET weapon!

No more stress, no more leaks, no more limits!

Group of women demonstrating diversity and comfort with Period Panties suitable for heavy periods.

Zero Leaks, Zero Limits!

Finally, a menstrual product that can keep up with you, no matter how heavy your flow is.

The secret to heavy periods with ZERO stress!

Dare to Freedom

Our period panties accompany you with complete peace of mind during your period, day and night.

EMMA FABRIC, hipster panties, ideal for light to medium flow.

ALICE et JADE, high-waisted panties, for a medium to abundant flow.

OLIVIA, panties with a wide lace band, for a feminine and glamorous look, even during your period.

Enjoy your life, we'll take care of the rest!