Collection: Heavy Menstrual Period Panties

Menstrual Panties Suitable For Heavy Periods

Our collection of menstrual panties for heavy periods is designed to bring you safety, elegance, comfort and serenity during your menstrual cycle. Specifically developed to respect your health and privacy, our menstrual panties for heavy periods will become your best allies during this time of the month.

All the components of our menstrual underwear have been carefully selected to guarantee you perfect hygienic protection. Now live your period without any constraints.

Menstrual Panties For Heavy Menstruation Washable and Reusable

Our period panties for heavy periods are an economical and ecological alternative to traditional protection. To absorb your heavy, moderate or light periods equally well, our models have a large enveloping part both at the front and at the back which guarantees maximum absorption in all situations. The ultra-absorbent inner part of our period panties are made up of three layers of fabrics specially created to protect you effectively against leaks.

The draining action of the first layer allows you to immediately bring your flow to the absorbent part. Soft and naturally antifungal, this fabric offers optimal comfort throughout the day. Composed of a naturally absorbent material, the second layer ensures rapid and continuous absorption of your flow to allow you to use our period panties for heavy periods throughout the day or night. Finally, the third and last layer is a waterproof fabric that allows you to avoid leaks by staying dry.

Ultra Absorbent Menstrual Panties

Our collection of menstrual panties for heavy periods and has been designed to give you anti-leak, anti-odor and anti-humidity protection while respecting both your health and your body. It is also an excellent way to reduce your waste and actively contribute to the protection of the environment.

Our period panties can absorb up to 3 or 4 pads and offer you up to 12 hours of protection without any feeling of discomfort. The ideal solution to get rid of tampons and other disposable menstrual products. In the case of very abundant or even extremely abundant periods, we recommend that you change your menstrual briefs regularly.

Although our heavy period panties are normally sufficient, you can also wear them together with other sanitary products (preferably washable and reusable) for extra protection.