Collection: High Waist Period Panties

Experience your period differently with high-waisted period panties!

Imagine for a moment that your period is no longer a time of embarrassment and discomfort, but rather a time when you can feel confident and comfortable. High waisted period panties turn this vision into reality!

By adopting these revolutionary protections, you will be able to fully enjoy your life during your period, without worrying about leaks or odors. Plus, you'll take care of the environment and save money. So what are you waiting for to take the plunge and join the movement of high-waisted period panties?

What are high waisted period panties?

High-waisted Period Panties are THE revolution that will change your view of sanitary protection! No more pads, tampons and menstrual cups, make way for a solution that is both comfortable and aesthetic.

The innovative and attractive concept

These panties specially designed to absorb the menstrual flow are equipped with absorbent and anti-odor fabrics that make you feel comfortable and safe during your period. Their high-waisted design offers optimal support and a sleek silhouette, so you can feel as good as you feel.

How to choose the perfect high waisted period panties for you?

Find the size and model that suits you

Do you dream of finding high-waisted Period Panties that will adapt perfectly to your morphology and reflect your style? Do not panic ! There are a multitude of models and sizes to meet all your expectations.

To choose the ideal panties, take the time to consult the size guide and browse the different models offered by brands. From the most sober to the most colorful, including trendy patterns, there is something for everyone! All you have to do is let yourself be seduced by the design that suits you.

Choose the absorbency that's right for you

Wondering how to be sure you're well protected with high-waisted period panties? The key lies in the absorptive capacity ! Indeed, the models of high-waisted Period Panties offer different absorption capacities, adapted to each of your needs.

Before making your choice, take the time to think about your menstrual flow : is it light, medium or heavy? Once you have this information in mind, you can choose the high waisted period panties that will offer you optimal protection.

Sizes and models for all women

No matter your body type and your preferences, there is a high-waisted period panty for you! Available in several sizes and models, these panties adapt to all women to offer a unique menstrual experience.

Whether you like sober colors, original patterns or elegant designs, you are bound to find a high-waisted menstrual panty that suits you. Do not sacrifice your comfort to be chic, because with these panties, you will have both!

The incredible benefits of high-waisted period panties finally revealed!

Irresistible comfort and flawless safety

Who hasn't dreamed of feeling comfortable and safe during their period? With high-waisted period panties, it's now possible! Their high cut and ultra-soft material hug your figure to perfection, offering you a unequaled comfort.

You will be able to move, dance, jump and even sleep in peace, without fear of leaks or unpleasant odors. Say goodbye to the unpleasant sensations and constant adjustments of your sanitary protection, and let yourself be enveloped by the softness and security of high-waisted period panties. You won't be able to do without it!

An eco-responsible gesture and savings at stake

Are you concerned about the environment and your budget? High waisted period panties are made for you! By choosing these reusable panties, you contribute to significantly reduce waste related to disposable sanitary protection.

You are not only preserving our beautiful planet, you are also making long term savings. No more need to spend every month on pads or tampons, your high waisted Period Panties will accompany you for several years. So, don't hesitate any longer and opt for this solution that is both ecological and economical!

Let yourself be guided to the high-waisted Period Panties of your dreams!

Now that you know the keys to choosing the perfect high-waisted period panties for you, all you have to do is set off to conquer your happiness! Forget the hesitations and doubts, and let yourself be guided by your desires and your needs. You will see, once you have found the high waisted period panties that suits you, you will not be able to imagine your period without it. So, are you ready to live a unique menstrual experience and finally feel free and serene during your period?

Reviews of customers won over by our high-waisted Period Panties

Anaïs P.: "A real game-changer in my life as a woman!"

"I didn't think panties could change my life so much during my period! High-waisted period panties are comfortable, pretty and super efficient. I finally feel confident and I can fully enjoy my days. I will never go back!"

Caroline D.: "Goodbye worries, hello freedom!"

"Since I adopted the high-waisted period panties, it's as if I forgot that I had my period! I feel so free and serene during this time of the month. No more hassle related to disposable protections, I finally feel in tune with my body and the environment. A big thank-you !"

Nina R.: "The panties that revolutionized my periods!"

"I didn't believe in miracles, but high waisted period panties have totally transformed my menstrual experience ! They are comfortable, elegant and I no longer have any fear of leaks. I am proud to make a gesture for the planet while feeling good in my body. It's a revolution for all women, I recommend 100%!"


Can you wear high waisted period panties at night?

Yes, high waist period panties are designed to be worn day and night. They offer optimal protection against leaks, even while you sleep.

Can you exercise with high-waisted Period Panties?

Absolutely ! Even though seamless panties are more suitable for sports, our high-waisted period panties are ideal for practicing a sporting activity, as they conform perfectly to your figure and stay in place, even during the most intense movements.

How long do high waist period panties last?

The lifespan of high waisted period panties varies depending on the brand and the maintenance you give it. On average, period panties can last between 3 and 5 years.

Can high-waisted Period Panties be used after giving birth?

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before using high waisted period panties after childbirth, as your blood flow may be heavier than during your normal period.

Are high waisted period panties suitable for teenage girls?

Yes, high waisted period panties are suitable for teenage girls. It is important to choose panties adapted to the morphology and the menstrual flow of the teenager to guarantee maximum comfort and protection.