Collection: Period Panties

What is a Period Panties

The Period Panties Thongs are the perfect combination of panties and hygienic protection. This marriage replaces the conventional menstrual products while ensuring a leak, odor and moisture protection without sacrificing comfort.

The Period Panties Thongs are ordinary underwear that have been specially developed to absorb your menstrual flow and replace the disposable sanitary padssuch as sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups.

Our different Period Panties Thongs offer a discreet, effective and ultra-comfortable means of protection during your period. Throughout your cycle, you are effectively protected thanks to a combination of materials that prevents leaks, odors and the unpleasant feeling of humidity.

The Benefits of Tangas During Your Period

Beautifully adorned with lace, our Period Panties Thongs are particularly indicated for the beginning or end of menstruation, for white discharge, light urinary leakage or spotting.

The very fine ultra-absorbent core of our thongs has been specially designed to facilitate the drainage of blood and liquids towards the different layers of superimposed fabrics.

Our Period Panties Thongs promise you a maximum absorption capacity equivalent to 2 or 3 tampons in order to offer you up to 8 hours of protection Day and night. A great way to experience your period comfortably without any constraints.

How a Period Panties Works

To limit the risks and live your period with complete peace of mind, we offer Period Panties Thongs ultra-comfortable and very absorbent. The fabrics used for the manufacture of our thongs are naturally healthy and ecological to offer you a natural alternative with standard sanitary protection.

By choosing Period Panties Thongs or our period panties, you opt for a new generation of periodic protections more responsible during your period.

An Alternative To Tampons And Pads

As it is estimated that more than 15 tampons or sanitary napkins will be used for the duration of a woman's period, the mountains of waste it represents can quickly make you dizzy. The Period Panties Thongs are a solution zero waste safe for you and the environment.

Like our Period Panties Thongs are machine washable and reusable for several years, they represent a more respectful and responsible alternative to women's bodies. With this type of menstrual lingerie, you will no longer need to repurchase products every month.

A great way to avoid throwing away thousands of non-recyclable and toxic protections in nature. Compared to the use of disposable serial products,you also make big savings.

Discover Oduho Period Pantiess

With a Period Panties Thong, you make the choice of safety, simplicity and comfort to live your period with complete peace of mind. Without no toxic substances and able to absorb your flow without staining your clothes, our thongs will accompany you on a daily basis so that you are free to move and go out during your period.

Adapted to all women and all body types, our Period Panties Thongs stay in place thanks to a cut elegant and sexy while being as comfortable as a classic panty. Very pleasant to wear on a daily basis, all our models guarantee incomparable absorption and finesse.