Collection: Period Panties

Claim your femininity without compromise with the Period Panties. The secret weapon of the daring.
A woman leans against a sunlit wall, wearing a black Period Panties Thong and matching top.

Forget Your Rules, Not Your Style

The boldest comfort, the most invisible protection.

Discover our game-changing Period Panties Thongs (and your life!)

A profile view of a woman holding her arms crossed across her chest, highlighting a black Period Panties Thong, against a plain background

Protection that turns your rules upside down.

Who said periods have to be a source of embarrassment?

Be bold, even during your period.

Challenge stereotypes and celebrate your body, without complexes.

Break the Rules of the Game!

Wear what you want, when you want.

Our Period Pantiess adapt to all your styles and all your desires. Whether you're in jeans, a dress or sportswear, you'll always be comfortable and protected.

The Period Panties is the secret weapon of women who dare.

Dare to have freedom of movement and the assurance of invisible protection with our models AMBER et MOON FABRIC.

AMBERour ultra-comfortable and ultra-absorbent Period Panties, perfectly hugs your curves for maximum protection day and night. MOON FABRICour seamless pattern, can be forgotten under your clothes for total freedom on a daily basis.

A new era of freedom and comfort awaits you.