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LUNA - Seamless Period Panties

LUNA - Seamless Period Panties

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🕔 Up to 12 hours of protection
✔ Ultra Absorbent
❀ Light or Medium Flow
💩 Leak Proof Technology
🍃 Chemical-Free
đŸ§Œ Washable & Reusable

Period Panties for invisible protection

Enjoy your days without constraint with this seamless Period Panties Thong discreet and comfortable that will not leave any marks under your clothes. This Period Panties Thong will ensure optimal comfort and provide you with all the support you need while going perfectly unnoticed.

A simple way to effectively protect yourself during your period.


Our Period Panties are made from natural materials that guarantee excellent comfort during your period.

Crotch: 100% Polyester + Waterproof PUL

Interior: 80% Polyester + 20% Nylon


Our period swimwear is designed to offer both style and comfort, just like your favorite swimwear. But it goes beyond that.

Our technology combines multiple layers of fabric to absorb the equivalent of 2 to 4 tampons and offer you up to 12 hours of protection!


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absorbent Period Panties

Our absorbent technology in action

Our ultra-absorbent Period Panties provide effective anti-leak and anti-odor protection.

  • Ultra Absorbent

  • Comfortable

  • Economic

  • healthy

  • Environmentally Friendly

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menstrual panty care tips


The period panties can be washed both by hand and by machine.

1ïžâƒŁ Wash your period panties several times before the very first use. This activates the absorbent technology.

2ïžâƒŁ After wearing, rinse in cold water until it runs clear.

3ïžâƒŁ Simply wash your period panties with the rest of your laundry.

4ïžâƒŁ Air dry. Reuse. Repeat!

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