Collection: Menstrual String

What is a menstrual thong?

When it comes to periods, there are many options for you to choose from. hygienic products and many choices are available to you. Tampons and sanitary napkins are among the most popular choices, but period underwear is slowly starting to make its mark.

Le menstrual thong adapts to your flow so you can live without leaks et without restraint. It replaces sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual cups or it can be worn as an extra means of protection. the menstrual thong is your new intimate hygiene product that is ecological, practical, comfortable and economical during your period.

How Does A Menstrual String Work?

The menstrual thongs look like traditional underwear, but their differences lie in the fabric used to absorb menstrual flow. The menstrual thongs use extra layers that absorb blood and prevent moisture from coming into contact with your skin or vagina and staining your clothes. Like any hygienic products, there are menstrual thongs depending on the abundance of your flow.

Discreet & Comfortable Period Strings

The manufacture of menstrual thongs cotton allows you to bleed freely while the fabric absorbs your flow and prevents leaks onto your skin and clothes. The softness and finesse of the lace guarantee you a total comfort in all your outfits during this period.

The menstrual underwear are also more respectful of nature and your health. The transition to reusable products significantly reduces the amount of single-use plastics dumped in landfills and oceans.

The Benefits Of Period Thongs

Due to its design, the string of rules is rather recommended for light to medium flow, at the beginning or end of menstruation. It absorbs the equivalent of one to two tampons to offer up to 6 hours of protection. Despite the fact that the strings of rules guarantee maximum protection for several hours, you can also combine it with other menstrual pads.

Wearing another hygiene product with a menstrual thong can also help women feel more comfortable in order to gradually transition to menstrual panties for unique period protection.

How To Take Care Of Menstrual G-Strings?

The fabric of our menstrual thongs comprises multiple layers which help absorb moisture, neutralize odors and, of course, prevent leaks. As it is a special fabric, it is recommended do not use a heat source such as a dryer or an iron which could damage the pants. Just rinse your menstrual thong in clear water then wash it by hand or in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

In both cases, avoid the use of fabric softeners, softeners or Marseille soap which contain substances which will gradually prevent the proper absorption of your flow. Once your menstrual thongs clean, you just need air dry them to reuse them many times.