Collection: Period Thong

Move to the era of positive and assertive rules! Try the Period Panties Thong to discover a new freedom.
woman wears an ultra-comfortable lace Period Panties Thong

Move, Breathe, Live Your Period to the Fullest!

No more compromises!

Period Panties Thongs for a positive and confident cycle!

Dare the invisible with menstrual protection that blends into your life.

woman wears a stylish and sexy Period Panties Thong for a discreet look during periods

Your Cycle No Longer Limits

Our Period Panties Thongs give you the freedom and confidence you need to experience your period without complexes.

Finally be yourself, every day of the month.

Exit discomfort, make way for revolution

Ultra-thin and discreet like a second skin, our Period Panties Thongs offer you unparalleled freedom of movement.

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, to suit all styles.

Whether you are looking for absolute comfort with MILAour classic lace Period Panties Thong, optimal discretion under your tightest clothes with CAMILAour invisible seamless pattern, or a more modern model with JULIA, we have the perfect Period Panties Thong for you!

And if you're looking for an even sexier alternative, choose our Period Panties collection !

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