Collection: Menstrual Swimsuit

The New Menstrual Swimwear Revolution

Menstrual swimsuits allow you to bathe during your period without any fear of leaks. These swimsuits contain absorbent materials designed to soak up your flow when you're in or out of the water without the need to wear pads.

Our menstrual swimsuits are saltwater and chlorine resistant to prevent colors from fading. Enjoying summer on your period has never been so easy and comfortable with our menstrual swimwear.

The Benefits of Menstrual Swimwear

The last place you want to worry about leaks is at the beach or by the pool. Although they look like your favorite bathing suits, period swimsuits have a built-in absorbent liner specially designed for swimming during your period. 

Like period panties, period swimwear absorbs menstrual flow discreetly. It is a perfect alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins, especially for teenagers. All these models are washable, reusable and easy to maintain!

How to wash a bathing suit for menstruation?

It is important to wash a period swimsuit regularly. You can wash your swimsuit by hand or in the washing machine, but it is important to wash it in cold water and do not use fabric softener.

After use, rinse your menstrual swimsuit with cold water after removing it. Then wash it with your ordinary laundry and let your swimsuit air dry before using it again.