Collection: Period Swimwear & Bathers

Beach, sun and bikini: The perfect combination for an uncompromising vacation and summer!
Woman from behind in Period Swimwear looking at the sea from an infinity pool

Don't Let Your Period Stop You Anymore!

Bikini, relaxation and fine sand beach: experience summer in complete freedom!

Our Period Swimwears are designed to give you reliable protection and absolute comfort, even in the water.

Enjoy (finally) your vacation without stress or constraints!

Enjoy Summer Without Limits!

Don't let your rules dictate your summer schedule anymore. Dare the waves and the sun with our Period Swimwears, designed to offer you comfort, discretion and confidence.

Summer is yours, live it intensely!

woman in Period Swimwear bottoms wearing a hat by a swimming pool

Goodbye Complexes, Celebrate Your Period

No more need to hide or limit yourself, assert your femininity and experience your period with complete confidence.

Our Period Swimwears are here to accompany you on all your summer adventures.

Our Period Swimwears are much more than just protection, it’s a hymn to freedom!

Give yourself the freedom to live your period without compromise!

Bikini, one-piece, tankini, shorty...

Whatever your style, find the Period Swimwear that will thrill you!

Du classic to sexy, from comfort to performance, there is sure to be a model to enhance you and accompany you in all your summer adventures.

Be irresistible this summer with our classic Period Swimwear ! The best-seller in our collection, with a timeless and elegant cut.

Want optimal coverage? Opt for the timeless elegance of a one-piece swimsuit, with adjustable straps for perfect support or ruffled for a touch of femininity.

Dream of a perfect tan? Let yourself be tempted by the sensuality of a menstrual bikini.

Prioritize freedom of movement? With its fluid cut, the tankini is your ideal ally.

Want a sporty chic look? Fall for the audacity of shorties.

And for those looking for a slimmer silhouette, opt for a swimsuit bottoms.

Order your Period Swimwear today and experience summer in complete freedom!

So, don't wait any longer!