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Period Swimwear: The New Revolution For Your Periods

Summer has arrived, and it's the perfect time to head to the beach or pool to cool down and soak up the sun. However, for many women, the joy of swimming can be interrupted by their periods. The good news is that there are now menstrual swimwear options available, allowing you to swim and enjoy your favorite water activities with confidence, without the fear of any leaks. So, why hesitate?

What Is A Period Swimwear?

Period swimwear is the modern answer for women seeking a comfortable and hygienic way to enjoy water activities during their menstrual cycle. Crafted with high-absorbency materials, these swimsuits ensure that leaks are a thing of the past.

Our period swimwear is both saltwater and chlorine resistant, ensuring the colors remain vibrant. Embracing the summer waves during your period has never been this effortless and comfy, thanks to our period swimwear.

How Does Period Swimwear Work?

Curious about how these acclaimed period swimwears can guarantee top-notch protection against leaks? Here's the inside scoop: Period swimwear features a unique absorbent layer, acting as a formidable shield against leaks, granting you unparalleled peace of mind.

But then, how does it work? This absorbent layer is ingeniously made from a combination of ultra-absorbent materials, such as cotton and bamboo, capable of soaking up multiple times their weight in fluid. Plus, it's waterproof, ensuring unbeatable protection. Say goodbye to leak anxieties and dive into your water adventures with confidence.

I get it, you might be thinking, "This sounds too good to be true!" But trust me, these period swimwears have stood the test of time and are gaining popularity among countless women, all thanks to their undeniable efficiency.

So, why not take the plunge yourself? Let go of those beach and pool day apprehensions. With period swimwear, you can truly unwind and relish every sun-soaked moment of your summer, completely stress-fr

The Benefits Of Period Swimwear

The beach or poolside is the last place you'd want leak worries. Enter period swimwear: your go-to solution for swimming during that time of the month. These period swimsuits not only mirror the style of your beloved regular swimsuits but also come equipped with a specially designed absorbent liner for swimming. Much like period panties, period swimwear discreetly manages menstrual flow, letting you swim and indulge in water activities without a hint of leak anxiety or discomfort.

Here are some standout benefits of period swimwear:

Comfort & Confidence

Period swimwear ensures women can swim and engage in water activities without discomfort or leakage fears. It's a confidence booster, ensuring every moment in the water is enjoyed to the fullest.

Especially for teens navigating their first periods , period swimwear offer seamless solution beyond conventional menstrual products. For those who might be hesitant or unfamiliar with products like tampons, period swimwear presents a reassuring option, allowing them to engage in water activities with confidence and ease.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Period swimsuits are a sustainable option, reducing the need for disposable sanitary products and minimizing environmental impact.

Practical & Cost-Effective

Period swimwear eliminates the recurring costs of sanitary products. It's a one-time investment for endless water fun, without the worry of running out or forgetting to pack menstrual products.

Unleash Summer Fun with the Perfect Period Swimwear Fit

At Oduho, we cater to diverse tastes by offering a variety of period swimwear styles. Our collection includes:

One Piece Period Swimwear

The One piece period swimwear are a favorite for many, providing full coverage and ease of wear. Our range boasts various designs, from strappy, to strapless, ruffled to high-necked. Each one-piece is equipped with a built-in absorbent layer, ensuring a leak-free experience.

Period Bikini Bottoms

The period bikini bottom  are the ideal pick. Choose from sexy, figure-flattering designs or opt for high-waisted versions for added coverage. Rest assured, each bikini bottom is designed with an absorbent layer to prevent any mishaps.

Period Swim Bottoms

The period swim bottoms  are versatile, perfect for those who have a preferred separate swimsuit top. Designed with an absorbent layer, they promise a leak-free swim and pair seamlessly with any swim top.

Period Bathers

Embrace the classic style with our period bathers. These are tailored for those who value tradition with a modern twist. Infused with an absorbent layer, our period bathers guarantee a relaxing, leak-free experience in the water. Their timeless design ensures they pair beautifully with any swim accessory, making them a must-have in every woman's swimwear collection.

What Our Customers Say About Our Period Swimwear

"I purchased a period bikini bottom for my daughter's vacation, anticipating her period. Initially hesitant, once she tried it, she was sold! The bikini bottom was both comfy and discreet, ensuring zero leaks. She relished her holiday without any period concerns. I wholeheartedly endorse period swimwear, especially for teens on vacation or those regularly engaging in water activities." - Caroline B.

"I approached period swimwear with a hint of skepticism initially. However, taking the plunge and buying one was a decision I don't regret! It's comfortable, easy to wear, and offers foolproof leak protection. I'm definitely getting another!" - Anna C.

"Stumbling upon period swimwear has been a game-changer for me. I adore swimming, but pausing my aquatic adventures during my period was a downer. Now, thanks to my period swimsuit, I swim confidently. I can't recommend this enough to all women out there." - Joan D.

Period Swimwear For Teens

Period swimwear is a groundbreaking solution for women during their menstrual cycle. It offers a convenient and comfortable way to swim, ensuring zero worries about leaks or discomfort.

This swimwear is particularly beneficial for teenagers navigating their early periods. Many might not yet feel at ease with tampons. Period swimwear allows them to engage in their favorite aquatic activities with confidence, uninterrupted. For young women, it's the perfect way to fully embrace the joys of summer without a hint of concern.

Ladies, it's time to embrace this innovation. Experience a summer of freedom, free from the worries of leaks or discomfort. Period swimwear is here to support you, offering the peace of mind you seek during that time of the month.

Finding Your Perfect Period Swimwear Size

Choosing the right size is key for optimal comfort and leak protection. Don't worry; we're here to help! Just refer to our size guide to find the best fit for your body type. Recognizing that every teen is unique, our period swimwear range spans sizes from XS to XXXL, catering to all body types and ages.

Remember, the right size ensures the best fit and protection. If unsure about sizing, our customer service is here to provide personalized advice.

Remember, the right size ensures a snug fit and optimal leak-proof protection. If you're uncertain or have questions about sizing, our customer service is just a call away. Our dedicated team is eager to provide personalized advice, ensuring you make the perfect choice.

So, why wait? Find your perfect period swimwear fit and embrace the summer without any constraints!

How to Wash and Care for Period Swimwear for Teens?

Maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of your period swimwear is essential. Whether you choose to hand wash or machine wash your period swimwear , always use cold water and avoid fabric softeners.

After each use, promptly rinse your period swimwear in cold water. This step helps remove any blood residue and keeps odors at bay. You can then wash it with your regular laundry, using a gentle detergent.

If you opt for machine washing, use a delicate cycle and consider placing the swimwear in a mesh bag to protect it. Also, avoid washing it with light-colored garments to prevent any potential staining.

Lastly, avoid using a dryer as it can damage the fabric and compromise the swimwear's leak-proof properties. Instead, air dry it in a shaded area, preferably laid flat to maintain its shape.

By adhering to these care tips, you can ensure the longevity of your period swimwear, keeping it effective for many swims to come.

Maximize Your Vacation Bliss with Our Period Swimwear

Seize the chance to have an unparalleled summer adventure! Our period swimwear seamlessly blends fashion, comfort, and protection, allowing you to relish every moment of your holiday without a hint of concern.

Imagine freely enjoying all water activities during your period, confident in leak protection and maintaining complete discretion. Truly, the key to a serene and unforgettable summer.

Take the leap and indulge in the period swimwear that will be your trusted companion for all water-related escapades. It's a decision you'll cherish!

Now's the moment to steer your holiday experience and grant yourself the peace of mind you truly deserve. Place your trust in our period swimwear and feel the transformative effect it brings to your summer relaxation.


What is the difference between a period swimsuit and period panties?

The Period Swimwear is ideal for water activities thanks to its waterproof absorbent layer and quick-drying materials. Period Panties are perfect for everyday use out of the water. However, it is not suitable for swimming as its materials do not resist water well and its absorbent properties are diminished when submerged.

Can you swim with a Period Swimwear?

Of course ! Period Swimwears are specially designed to allow you to swim without fear of leaks. Thanks to their absorbent and waterproof layer, you will enjoy your aquatic activities with complete peace of mind, even during your period. So don't hesitate any longer and dive in!

How to take care of menstrual swimwear?

Menstrual swimwear should be rinsed in cold water immediately after use to remove any blood residue. They can then be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. It is essential to avoid using fabric softeners or bleach, as they can damage the absorbent layer.

Can I wear period swimsuits for non-aquatic activities?

Yes, period swimsuits can be worn for non-aquatic activities, such as water sports or relaxing on the beach. However, it is not recommended to wear menstrual swimwear as everyday underwear, as the absorbent layer may cause discomfort.

How often should I replace menstrual swimwear?

Period Swimwears should be replaced every 6 months to a year, depending on how often you use them. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure maximum product life.

Are Period Swimwears eco-friendly?

Yes, period swimwear is an eco-friendly option as it eliminates the need for disposable products such as tampons or sanitary napkins, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Are Period Swimwears available in all sizes?

Yes, period swimwear comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit all body types. It is important to follow the manufacturer's measuring instructions to find the size that fits best.

Can I use period panties to swim during my period?

It is not recommended to use period panties for swimming during your period. The absorbent materials of period panties are not suitable for chlorinated or salt water, which can damage them and reduce their effectiveness. Also, water can dilute the menstrual flow, which can cause leakage. It is preferable to use a Period Swimwear specially designed for swimming during menstruation, in order to guarantee optimal protection and to fully enjoy the aquatic activity.