Collection: Plus Size Period Panties

Let yourself be pampered during your period with our plus size Period Panties!

Are you tired of traditional period protection? Are you looking for an ecological and comfortable alternative adapted to your curves? You are exactly in the right place! Let yourself be enchanted by our large size Period Panties, which are elegant, discreet and incredibly comfortable. Whether your heart swings between Period Panties Thongs or menstrual shorties, you'll find the rare pearl to guarantee you up to 12 hours of protection against leaks, odors and humidity.

So, ready to turn the page on constraints and explore a new way to approach your periods with confidence and serenity? Immerse yourself immediately in our range of large size Period Panties and succumb to their comfort and effectiveness. It's time to reinvent your daily life!

Immerse yourself in our range of plus size Period Panties and convince yourself of their comfort and effectiveness. It's time to change things up!

What are plus size Period Panties? Let us explain to you!

Plus size Period Panties are like magic in your underwear! They are worn like normal underwear, but with a little well-kept secret: they are made with a special fabric that absorbs menstrual flow. Yes, yes, you read that right! No more pads, tampons or other protections, your plus size Period Panties take care of everything.

But how does it work ? Well, that's thanks to an inner layer of antimicrobial fabric that absorbs period flow, much like a feminine protection superhero! This fabric is absorbent, waterproof, antibacterial and breathable, for optimal comfort.

And to make you feel comfortable and confident, this layer does not come into direct contact with your body. It sits behind a soft layer of cotton and another outer fabric. The part of the large size Period Panties that touches your skin is therefore made of cotton, very soft and pleasant. Combined with the inner layer, you do not feel any unpleasant feeling of humidity, as if you were wearing normal panties.

The objective of our Period Panties is to offer you unequaled comfort and softness to the touch while respecting the most sensitive skin. Because you deserve it, right? So, ready to try the adventure and revolutionize your daily life during your period?

Why choose plus size Period Panties?

Unparalleled comfort

Are you tired of the inconveniences associated with conventional periodic protection? That's good, because our large size Period Panties have been designed to perfectly fit the shapes of luscious women. Say goodbye to chafing, irritation and other unpleasant sensations: with our panties, you will finally feel comfortable throughout your period! Comfort is our priority, and it shows.

All-round protection

But that's not all ! Thanks to their innovative absorbent technology, our large size Period Panties provide you with optimal protection, even in the event of heavy flow. Leaks and bad surprises, it's over! You can finally feel serene and free to move, whatever your activities. So, ready to take back control?

A gesture for the planet and your budget

What if, in addition to taking care of yourself, you take care of our beautiful planet? By choosing our plus size Period Panties, you are helping to reduce your ecological footprint and save money. No more disposable protections to buy every month: our panties are washable and reusable, for a positive impact on the environment and your wallet. A responsible and smart choice that you can be proud of!

How do plus size Period Panties work?

Are you intrigued by these little gems that are plus size Period Panties and wondering how they manage to protect you effectively during your period? Look no further as we reveal all the secrets behind these ingeniously designed and lovingly designed panties to give you reliable protection that's comfortable to wear.

The irresistible absorption

Plus size Period Panties have multiple layers of ultra-absorbent fabric to hold in your menstrual flow. Thanks to this technology, say goodbye to worries: you benefit from protection of up to 12 hours, adapted to your flow. Incredible, isn't it?

The reassuring tightness

Our period panties not only absorb, they also incorporate a waterproof membrane to prevent embarrassing leaks. Move, dance, jump, everything is allowed with confidence, without fear of staining your clothes. A real joy !

Impeccable comfort

The plus size Period Panties are made with soft and breathable materials to guarantee you optimal comfort. They hug your curves without constricting or irritating your skin, so you feel great even during your period. What comfort!

Impeccable hygiene

Thanks to antibacterial and anti-odour materials, our Period Panties ensure perfect hygiene throughout the day. No more unpleasant surprises, you can fully enjoy your life without worrying about your period.

How to choose the perfect plus size Period Panties for you?

Find your ideal size

You may be wondering which size to choose to be comfortable and well protected? Don't worry, we're here to help! For optimal comfort, it is essential to choose the right size. Consult our size guide, take your measurements and let yourself be guided to find the large size Period Panties that will perfectly match your morphology. You'll see, it's child's play! Our collection of plus size Period Panties is available from 2XL to 6XL.

Choose the absorbency level that's right for you

Light or heavy flow? No problem, we've thought of everything! Our plus size period panties are available in different absorbency levels to suit your specific needs. So you'll find the protection you need to feel confident and relaxed all day long. So whatever the situation, you can rely on our period panties!

Express your personality in style

Who said periods had to be synonymous with gloom? Certainly not us! Style and well-being go hand in hand, which is why our plus size period panties are available in a variety of designs and colours. Dare to express your personality and affirm your femininity, even during your period! Indulge yourself by choosing the design that suits you and highlights you. After all, why not combine business with pleasure and feel beautiful and good about yourself, even during this time of the month?

How to take care of your period panties to pamper them and make them last?

You fell in love with large size Period Panties and you want to pamper them to keep them for a long time? No worries, we show you how to take care of these precious allies with love and delicacy. Here are our maintenance tips to make them last over time:

Rinse before washing: After use, rinse your period panties with cold water until the water runs clear. This step eliminates a good part of the blood and avoids stubborn stains. A word of advice: do it right after removing it to prevent the blood from drying out.

Gentle wash: Then wash your Period Panties by hand or in the washing machine at 30°C, using a mild, bleach-free detergent. Be careful, no dryer or fabric softener, these little wonders prefer to air dry and fabric softeners can reduce their effectiveness.

Outdoor drying: Dry your Period Panties flat or on a drying rack, in the shade to preserve the colors. The sun is tempting, but it could damage the waterproof membrane and reduce the life of your pants.

Storage and rotation: To maximize the life of your period panties, plan to have several on hand. Thus, you can alternate them during your cycle and avoid premature wear of a single panty.

Take the plunge with our plus size Period Panties!

So, convinced by the many benefits of our plus size Period Panties? If you are ready to change the way you live your period and adopt a solution that is both comfortable, ecological and economical, it is time to take action! Dare to take the plunge and join our community of fulfilled women freed from their menstrual constraints.

Don't wait any longer and discover now our wide range of Oduho large size Period Panties, suitable for all body types and all styles. There is something for all tastes and for all desires! So, order your first plus size Period Panties now and enjoy the Oduho experience, a revolutionary experience that will change your life forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are plus size Period Panties suitable for very heavy flow?

Yes, we offer plus size Period Panties with a high level of absorbency, specially designed for very heavy flows. You can wear them with confidence.

How long do plus size Period Panties last?

Our plus size Period Panties are designed to last for many years (between 3 and 6 years), provided they are cared for properly. Follow our maintenance advice to preserve their efficiency and comfort.

Can I wear plus size Period Panties at night?

Absolutely ! Our plus size Period Panties are ideal for ensuring optimal protection, even while you sleep. You can sleep peacefully without fear of leaks.

Are plus size Period Panties suitable for sports?

Yes, our plus size Period Panties are specially designed to offer you optimal protection and comfort, even during exercise. you can practice

Can plus size Period Panties be used with an intrauterine device (IUD)?

Yes, our plus size Period Panties are compatible with the use of an IUD. They are a very effective additional protection.