Collection: Plus Size Menstrual Panties

Large Size Menstrual Panties From XXL to 6XL

These are elegant, discreet and comfortable period panties to live your period in complete serenity. They allow you to feel comfortable and safe while having a chic style. panties
large size menstrual cups offer you up to 12 hours of protection against leaks, odors and humidity.

Our plus size menstrual panties are hygienic protections
washable and reusable that replace the use of tampons or
disposable sanitary napkins.

What are Plus Size Menstrual Panties?

The large size period panties are intended for women from size XXL to 6XL. They wear like normal underwear, but are made with a special fabric that absorbs menstrual flow. So you don't need to wear anything else during your period. This is possible thanks to an internal layer of antimicrobial fabric that absorbs the flow of menstruation. It is an absorbent, waterproof, antibacterial and breathable fabric.

This layer does not come into contact with your body, as it sits behind a cotton layer and another outer fabric. The part of the plus size menstrual panties that comes into contact with
your body is made of cotton. Combined with the inner layer, you do not feel any unpleasant feeling of humidity. The goal is to make our menstrual panties comfortable and soft to the touch while respecting the most sensitive skin.

Oduho Plus Size Menstrual Panties

The outer fabric of our plus size menstrual panties is waterproof to ensure that you are completely safe during your period. Thanks to its different layers of fabrics specially developed to constitute the ultra-absorbent core of these large size menstrual panties, you are sure that the menstrual flow will not pass through to stain your clothes.

Their absorption capacity, equivalent to 3 or 4 tampons, allows you to benefit from maximum protection day and night.