Collection: Plus Size Period Panties

For all body types, all desires. Finally, large size Period Panties that suit you!
woman from behind wearing large size Period Panties

Unique Morphologies, Unique Desires

All sizes, all styles, all women.

Your ally for limitless rules!

Finally, large size Period Panties that suit you!

Model from behind wearing high waisted Period Panties for curvy woman

XXL Comfort, Maximum Protection

The Period Panties that hugs your curves perfectly, rules or not.

Whether you are a fan of EVA menstrual shorty or you prefer our high waist model OLIVIA, we have the ideal panties for you. Want a sexy and discreet thong?

Choose our JULIA models ou MILA. For a zero leak experience, discover our detachable snap panties VICTORIA and our ROMY staple model.

And for those looking for a soft and natural material, our EMMA bamboo Period Panties et ANNA will be your perfect allies. Finally, for a bold look, don't forget our AMBER Period Panties.

Choose the large size Period Panties that suits you. (up to 6XL)!