Period Panties For Zero Waste Periods

Zero waste Period Panties for menstruation

To begin a transition to a zero waste lifestyle, healthier and more respectful of the environment, we know that there are many small adjustments that are easy to make without having to disrupt your daily life. These small gestures contribute greatly to the elimination of overproduction of waste daily. Reducing waste is not difficult and everyone can do it by starting, for example, to adopt the zero waste approach in the kitchen or in your bathroom by replacing the disposable sanitary pads by washable and reusable sanitary pads, like period panties.

Step by step, we can find simple solutions for minimize unnecessary waste and significantly reduce our impact on the environment. Success lies in not engaging in transformations too deep so as not to find yourself on a path that is too difficult to follow and end up giving up. The philosophy zero waste aims to encourage a lifestyle that guarantees the reuse of as many products and materials as possible. Our menstrual underwear are made to help you adopt good habits adapted to your expectations and needs.

What is Zero Waste?

Landfill of plastic in nature

Le zero waste is a step ecological industrial printing process which aims to change the way we consume reduce our waste as much as possible, waste less and thus reduce our ecological impact. To adopt an environmentally friendly behavior, it takes time and rethinking several habits that we have become accustomed to over time. the zero waste covers all areas of our daily lives from the kitchen, to food, to cosmetics or intimate hygiene...

Le zero waste is, in essence, a complete change of lifestyle from design to manufacturing through a questioning of purchasing decisions that we take. The overall idea is to keep materials in circulation for as long as possible, providing them with many life cycles to create a system in which all resources can be reused instead of being thrown away.

How to Adopt a Zero Waste Approach?

People who adopt a zero waste lifestyle strive to use as little single-use plastic as possible, mainly opting for durable and reusable solutions. Those who adopt this way of life strive to gradually replace all disposable products by more sustainable and plastic-free solutions. To reduce plastic consumption, the use of Period Panties have many advantages and an excellent ecological alternative disposable products.

Why Aren't Tampons and Sanitary Napkins Zero Waste?

Period Panties reduce the use of plastic

The hygienic products for women like tampons, panty liners or sanitary napkins use a huge amount of resources, chemicals and plastics to be manufactured As explained in the Surfrider Foundation, plastic is a non-renewable resource, made from fossil fuels as part of the petroleum industry. In France, it is not less than 80 tonnes of plastics that end up in the wild every year.

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Zero Waste Products To Get You Started

If you can't wait to get rid of all your single-use products wrapped in plastic and as you transition to a lifestyle without waste, remember that it is more environmentally friendly to use them and then replace them with ecological alternatives when you need it.

 Bulk products in a shop

here are some classic products that can help you reduce your waste (and save money over time):

  • a bottle of water reusable
  • of grocery bags reusable
  • of bamboo utensils reusable
  • a straw in stainless steel reusable
  • of makeup circles reusable fabric
  • a toothbrush bamboo
  • of food containers made of colored glass
  • of beauty, care and hygiene productss solid
  • of period panties to washable sanitary pads

How Is Zero Waste Better For Your Health?

By using less plastic for food storage and packaging, your food and skin will come into less contact with plastic every day. Furthermore, avoiding packaged meals and snacks in plastic can make you choose less processed foods and eat healthier. For example, fresh produce, vegetables, fresh bread or bulk starches are often easy to obtain without packaging. It's the same for personal hygiene. Products packaged without plastic are often more natural, which means you expose your body to fewer chemicals.

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