Making Love During Your Period: Myths & Realities

To have some sex during menstruation is often a subject of debate and concern for many couples. Although some people consider this practice dirty or taboo, it is completely normal and safe to have sex during this time of the menstrual cycle. This article debunks common myths about period sex and provides helpful tips for an enjoyable, hassle-free sexual experience.

Debunking preconceived ideas about sex during periods

sex during menstruation

Although many cultures still treat menstruation as a taboo subject, the truth is that experiencing fulfilling and satisfying sexuality during this time is perfectly possible. Here are some of the common myths related to period sex:

  • Sex during periods is unsanitary: In reality, the blood flow and tissues that are expelled during menstruation are clean and will not increase the risk of infection or disease.
  • It can cause health problems: Having sex during your period poses no health problems as long as both partners consent and use safe sex practices.
  • Man will be disgusted by blood: It is essential to establish open communication with your partner about their preferences and limits when it comes to period sex. Many men are comfortable with this practice, while others prefer to avoid direct contact with blood.

Tips for fulfilling sexuality during periods

In order to make love during your period in a pleasant way, it is important to take into account certain aspects such as communication, hygiene, contraception and protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Here are some practical tips:

1. Establish open communication with your partner

Communication is key when it comes to talking about sex, especially during your period, as it can be a touchy subject for some people. It is important that both partners clearly express their desires, fears and limits regarding this practice.

2. Maintain good personal hygiene

Being clean and well-groomed during period sex is essential to ensure a pleasant experience. The woman can use a menstrual cup, tampon or panty liner to minimize blood flow and facilitate intimate relations. Washing before and after intercourse will also help keep everyone comfortable and clean.

3. Practice positions that minimize contact with blood

Certain positions help control blood flow and make sex more comfortable during menstruation. For example, when lying on your back with your legs apart, gravity helps limit the outward flow of blood. Likewise, the position of the spoon can help avoid excessive contact with blood.

4. Protect yourself against infections and use appropriate contraception

Having sex during your period slightly increases the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) because of the blood and uterine tissue expelled. It is therefore strongly recommended to use condoms to protect against these risks. Additionally, although the likelihood of getting pregnant during your period is low, it is always best to use proper contraception to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The benefits of sex during your period

Besides being a pleasant experience for partners, making love during your period also has certain advantages:

  • Reduction of menstrual pain: Orgasms release endorphins, which are natural painkillers that can help relieve cramps and other discomfort during menstruation.
  • Helps regulate the cycle: Regular sexual intercourse can help synchronize the menstrual cycle and reduce irregularities.
  • Improved libido: The hormones released during menstruation can also increase some women's libido and make them more sensitive to caresses and stimulation.

Can you get pregnant after having sex during your period?

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant by having sex during your period, although the risk is generally lower. It depends on the length of the woman's menstrual cycle and the lifespan of sperm. In women with a short cycle, ovulation can occur shortly after the end of menstruation, and sperm can survive for several days in the female body. So if ovulation occurs early, there is a possibility of conception even during or just after menstruation.

Making love during your period: a unique experience for each couple

Finally, it is important to emphasize that the choice of whether or not to have sexual intercourse during menstruation depends entirely on the mutual consent of the partners. Exploring this practice can be an opportunity to strengthen complicity between those involved, to better understand and respect each other's limits and preferences and to enjoy fulfilled sexuality without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. If you are comfortable with your body size and in agreement with your means of contraception, do not hesitate to take full advantage of this period to experience intense and exciting moments.

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