Mistakes Most Women Make During Their Period

The 7 mistakes women make during their period In the life of every woman, the rules challenge and its side effects comes back every month. Even though we tend to think only of its negative aspects, there is beauty and positive behind this experience. Rules are essential to make a future pregnancy possible but it is above all a sign that your body is functioning normally. Every woman has different experiences during her menstrual cycle. The rules can be a less traumatic experience following a few basic principles. So if you've ever been in at least one of the uncomfortable situations that happen during your period, we think these tips may be even more helpful to you. to take care of you during this period.

The Most Common Mistakes During Menstruation

  • Not Hydrating Enough
  • Staying hydrated is important to reduce bloating and cramps. Even if you feel bloated, make sure Always drink enough water during your period. As a diuretic, avoid caffeine which causes an increase in period cramps and pain and dehydration. It also aggravates anxiety and discomfort during menstruation.

  • Not Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle
  • update your menstrual calendar
    One of the most important things is to keep your calendar up to date when it comes to the day your period starts. Keeping track of your menstrual cycle isn't just important for women trying to get pregnant. A lot of women make the mistake of not following their rules, which is now much easier than before thanks to the multitude of tracking apps that practically do the work for you. In this way, it will be easier for you to know when something is wrong.

  • Keep Your Sanitary Protection Too Long
  • Regularly changing your tampons, panty liners, sanitary napkins, menstrual cup or Period Panties will help prevent the development vaginal bacteria and bad odors which can harm your health, especially increasing the risk of toxic shock syndrome. Ideally, it is recommended avoid sleeping with a tampon but also to change your protection every 3 or 4 hours. If you need longer lasting protection, you can use period panties who offers up to 12 hours of protection before being removed, washed and reused.

  • take aspirin
  • Abdominal pain during menstruation is normal. However, take aspirin to alleviate menstrual pain is strongly discouraged. This is because painkillers can dilate blood vessels and increase bleeding. A bad idea during menstruation.

  • Not Maintaining Good Hygiene
  • intimate hygiene personal contact is essential during your period as women are more likely to develop infections during this time. Wash your hands regularly before handling your sanitary pads, especially when using intrauterine pads such as tampons. The vagina having its own cleaning system, repeated washing may have an adverse effect. Stick to mild, fragrance-free soaps. These days, you can find specialty products that are pH-appropriate for this area.

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Even if it is difficult to get enough sleep with cramps, pain or insomnia, sleep is especially important  when you have your period. Without sufficient rest, the body is stressed and the inflammation worsens symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps. The best solution is to try relax before going to sleep  (meditation, reading, hot bath etc…). Also avoid  to sleep on your stomach  during your period. In this position, the uterus is more compressed which can cause abdominal pain and heavier flow.

  • Do Not Try Other Alternatives
  • Period Panties as an alternative to disposable pads
    Although the most popular period products are still tampons or sanitary napkins, they have been around for several years now. more effective, healthy and eco-responsible alternatives such as Period Panties or menstrual cups. Following the various health scandals caused in recent years by the presence of dangerous harmful substances for health in tampons, this is the perfect opportunity to switch to period panties, Periodic protection that only has advantages for living your period with complete peace of mind!
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