Can we make love after IUD insertion?

In the quest for the ideal means of contraception, the IUD (or rather intrauterine device, IUD) is increasingly popular. It offers effective protection against unwanted pregnancies and comes in several forms: hormonal or copper. However, the big question that women who are considering it often ask themselves is whether they will be able to continue their sex life without problems after installation. This article takes stock of this legitimate concern.

What is an IUD?

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The IUD is a small, T-shaped contraceptive device inserted directly into the uterus. He is recognized as one of the most effective means of contraception, with an effectiveness rate of 99% in preventing pregnancy.

The hormonal IUD releases low doses of progestin hormones that thicken cervical mucus and thin the uterine lining, making it more difficult for fertilization and implantation of an egg. The copper IUD, on the other hand, uses copper to create a hostile environment for sperm.

One of the main advantages of the IUD is its long duration of action. Depending on the model, it can remain effective for 3 to 12 years. Additionally, once removed, fertility usually returns to normal, making it a reversible option.

The IUD offers long-term protection, ranging from 3 to 12 years depending on the model. When it is removed, the menstrual cycle and periods generally return to their normal rhythm.

The adaptation period after inserting an IUD

To begin with, it is necessary to know the adaptation period following insertion of the IUD. This period generally varies from woman to woman, but it is advisable to wait about 24 hours before resuming sexual activity. During these first hours, some women may feel cramps in the lower abdomen and therefore need to rest. Likewise, there is some possible bleeding following insertion of the device. Blood loss can be minimal or a little more abundant depending on the case; it depends on each woman.

At the end of this period, it is recommended to check whether the IUD thread is securely in place:
  • If this is the case, you can resume sexual activity without problem
  • If the thread is not palpable, go to your doctor to check the positioning of your IUD.

    Resumption of sexual relations after insertion of the IUD: what you need to know

    Risks of displacement or expulsion are minimal

    The main fear that one may have when resuming sexual activity with an IUD is that of its displacement. Please note, however, that statistics show that this remains exceptional. Intimate intercourse does not generally cause the expulsion of this contraceptive and if this happens, it is often due to another factor (particular anatomy, poor insertion). If you feel something is wrong during sex, talk to your partner and seek help quickly.

    Different sensations for some women

    It is possible that some women experience different sensations during intercourse after having the IUD inserted. In particular, they may notice the wire of the device or sometimes feel slight pain. However, these discomforts generally fade as the body adapts to the presence of the IUD.

    The IUD thread can also be shortened by your gynecologist:

    • This can help if you often have unpleasant sex because of its length
    • However, you must think carefully before making this decision because it will subsequently be less easy to check the positioning of the wire; so take your time and consult a professional if you are considering shortening the wire.

    Impacts on sexual partners

    Although it is rare for your partner to feel the existence of your IUD during your intimate interactions, some may perceive it. This could be due to increased sensitivity or simply the position taken during the report in question. Generally speaking, there is no reason to worry: the presence of the IUD should not constitute an obstacle to the sexual development of both partners.

    How to have a fulfilling sex life with an IUD

    sex after IUD insertion

    The risks of infection: how to limit them?

    It is true that the arrival of an IUD in the uterine cavity represents a foreign body and that it can promote the appearance of infections, in particular sexually transmitted infections (STIs). To avoid these inconveniences, a few simple actions can be taken:

    • Carry out regular check-ups with your doctor to check the correct position of the IUD and the absence of infection
    • Adopt adequate intimate hygiene without falling into excess, which can disrupt the balance and therefore promote infections
    • Use condoms when having sex with multiple partners or in the event of unprotected sex to limit the risk of STIs.

    Adapt your sexual practices if necessary

    Even if this only concerns a minority of women, some of them may experience pain or discomfort during intercourse after having the IUD inserted. If this is your case, do not hesitate to discuss this situation with your partner to adapt your practices and find less uncomfortable positions together.

    In summary: yes, you can make love after inserting the IUD!

    All in all, it is clear that sex life and the use of an IUD can be reconciled without problem for the majority of women. After a short period of post-insertion adaptation, it is entirely possible to resume fulfilling sexual activity with this method of contraception. If any discomfort or difficulties arise, speak to a healthcare professional who will be able to advise you best on how to overcome these inconveniences.Good luck and happy new sex life!

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