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Menstrual Swimwear

Period Swimwear for menstruation

During the most pleasant months of the year, you will necessarily want to take advantage of the beautiful days to bathe even during your period. All women have experienced this anxiety before a day at the beach or a night out by the pool when your period is expected but hasn't arrived yet. Unfortunately, your body does not change its natural rhythms and cycles based on the weather. You will probably have your period when you would have just liked to enjoy a beautiful summer day by the sea or by the swimming pool.

What Are The Differences Between Menstrual Swimwear And Regular Swimwear?

Classic swimsuits consist of a standard lining at the crotch. This type of swimwear completely absorbs water but does not protect you in any way during your period. Period blood will naturally pass through the tissue without being absorbed.

Conversely, the menstrual swimwear Cleverly resemble traditional swimsuits, but have a special concealed lining that helps absorb menstrual blood to protect you from leaks whether you're in or out of the water.

How Does a Period Swimwear Work?

Your period should not prevent you from enjoying the pleasures of summer. After seeing the period panties become more widespread in recent years, Period Swimwears have since made an appearance. Now, there are swimwear specially designed to collect your menstrual flow while you enjoy the beach without constraints or worries.

Advantages of period swimsuits

All of this swimsuits for menstruation look like regular swimsuits, except they contain an absorbent liner that helps collect menstrual flow and prevent leakage. The liner contains an ultra-discreet absorbent material that absorbs the equivalent of 2 tampons. These jerseys can be worn without additional periodic protection both at the beginning and at the end of the cycle. Nevertheless, if you have heavy periods, we suggest you wear them in addition to a menstrual cup.

The Benefits of Menstrual Swimwear

The menstrual swimwear are very convenient to use to enjoy the beach without worrying about how to dispose of your tampons or sanitary pads. Put on your period swimsuit and enjoy your day having fun with your children, building sandcastles, swimming or simply sunbathing and relaxing.

After your swim, all you have to do is slip your bikini into a small waterproof pouch before rinsing it and putting it in the machine when you get home as you would with your usual clothes. 

Oduho Menstrual Swimwear

The Period Swimwear is the ideal solution to avoid disposable products and feel comfortable while enjoying the pool or the beach during menstruation. Oduho Period Swimwears combine comfort, aesthetics and discretion to effectively protect you from leaks.

oduho Period Swimwear collection


To satisfy all body types, our different models are available in a wide choice of sizes and have an integrated absorbent lining that can absorb the equivalent of two to three tampons.

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