Swimming During Menstruation (FAQs)

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Summer is often synonymous with water. With it come long days at the beach with friends, invitations to the pool, river swims, lake getaways, surf lessons and all the aquatic and nautical activities synonymous with holidays... While many 'between us take a well-deserved vacation, our periods obviously don't take a break. Whenever and wherever your period decides to show up, we find ourselves faced with the traditional question: how to bathe with your period? Our answers to the most frequently asked questions will help you live your period with serenity.

Do Your Periods Stop When While Swimming?

Despite popular belief, your rules or even your vaginal discharge don't really stop when you swim although blood flow is slowed considerably. This is due to water pressure, which means that menstrual blood does not flow at its usual rate. This is why it may seem like your period temporarily stops when you are in the water. However, a sudden movement, such as laughing or coughing, can cause mild blood loss. Your flow will return once you get out of the water, so using menstrual products while swimming is still a great idea.

Can you swim in the sea during your period?

If you want to bathe and swim in the sea during your period, it is absolutely safe to do so, although a number of misconceptions persist. No, the sharks will not come and attack you. On the contrary, it is an excellent idea to unwind, relax, forget the stress of everyday life and reduce period pain.

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Can you swim with a tampon?

If you're comfortable with tampons then there's no reason not to use them when you're at the pool or the beach. On the contrary, traditional menstrual products like tampons are probably the best option for bathing during your period. Nevertheless, single-use menstrual products like tampons are a major contributor to the pollution of our oceans. If you're looking for a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative, period swimwear is for you.

Should You Worry About Blood In The Pool?

Not only is blood flow greatly reduced when you are in the water, but the water and products in the pool water will dilute any traces of blood, which means that menstrual blood will not be visible at all. If the fear of blood appearing in the pool has always kept you from swimming during your period, you can be sure that there really is nothing to worry about, even if you trigger your period at the worst time.

Is it possible to bathe with a sanitary pad during menstruation?

Since sanitary napkins and panty liners are designed to absorb liquids, they would absorb water rather than menstrual blood, which when swollen will be very uncomfortable. In addition, the adhesive may not peel off under the action of water, salt or chlorine. Therefore, it is not recommended to swim with a sanitary napkin on during your period.

Can you swim without tampons?

bathing during your period without tampons

In addition to the Period Swimwear, you could also try practicing the free instinctive flow, a method of controlling blood flow. An effective technique to control your flow but which will require a little practice.

Should You Bathe During Your Period?

Studies show that swimming during your period is actually good for your health. Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as depression, mood swings, fatigue or menstrual cramps tend to decrease. So while swimming on your period may seem like a no-no, it can actually help alleviate most of the physical or psychological symptoms of PMS.

What is a Rules Swimsuit?

Just like period panties, period swimwear is designed to help you feel safe and comfortable during your period. Period Swimwears look like regular swimsuits except they can hold the equivalent of one or two tampons while still being breathable and comfortable.

How Does A Period Swimsuit Work?

oduho period swimsuit

Le leak proof swim bottom features a specially designed gusset that absorbs your period when you're in the water, but also when you're out. When you bleed, the pocket absorbs period blood. The waterproof layer of the swimsuit is water resistant and keeps the blood inside, so you don't have to worry about leaks.

How to wash a Period Swimwear?

To clean your period swimsuits, simply rinse them with water then put them in a waterproof bag when you are not at home before washing them directly in the washing machine with your regular laundry. As with our period panties, avoid using fabric softener and air dry after washing.

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