How to trigger the rules?

The Secrets to Triggering Your Period in the Blink of an Eye (Or Almost!)

Whether it's medical issues or more personal reasons, there are many reasons why a woman wants trigger her period. To help women provoke their period, there are many solutions. Often a hormonal imbalance is the cause of a late period. Sometimes reasons like stress, diet or excessive pressure cause irregular periods to menstrual pain. Check out some of our tips for trigger your period et regulate your period in a natural way.

Take Care of Yourself to Trigger Your Period

When your period is late or you suffer from irregular periods, this is not necessarily worrying. The absence of menstruation, whether temporary or permanent, is called amenorrhea. Although some syndromes, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), can cause frequent and prolonged amenorrhea, there are also other causes of unusual delay. Among the most common causes of late period or irregular periods we find in particular stress, weight loss or gain, hormonal changes, menopause or pregnancy.

reduce stress to induce menstruation

To trigger your period, take first care of you. Try taking a hot bath, meditating, relaxing, taking a walk, eating healthy, exercising regularly, or simply changing your lifestyle. Anything that helps you relax will help you better prepare for your period. The reduction of stress can also have positive effects on reduction of symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Trigger Your Period With A Balanced Diet

Many women use natural remedies to try to induce menstruation. Although there really is no scientific evidence, some foodstuffs could have a real effect on the onset of menstruation. These are very easy foods to introduce into your diet (salad, oil, herbal tea or infusion) and which would improve the blood circulation in the pelvic region by helping the menstrual flow to flow more easily.

If you have a pregnancy, these solutions are deprecated. If you are in late on your period because you are pregnant, it could cause a miscarriage. Therefore, always seek the advice of a specialist beforehand.

  • Eat Fruits And Vegetables

To advance your rules, certain fruits and vegetables would be advised to provoke more quickly the arrival of menstruation by providing nutrients such as vitamin C. By acting on the hormone levels, namely progesterone and estrogen, vitamin C would promote the contraction of the uterus and elimination of the endometrium. By consuming cabbage, spinach, pomegranate, celery, papaya, kiwi or citrus fruits, this would cause an early onset of menstruation.

Citrus to trigger menstruation


  • Consume Plants

The emmenagogues plants are defined in herbal medicine as plants capable of stimulate menstrual flow and can sometimes speed up your period. Among the best-known plants, we can mention cinnamon, turmeric, rosemary, ginger, sage or even oregano. We could also name the parsley which contains substances (apiol and myristicin) which could help cause mild contractions of the uterus and uterine wall. Therefore, it would also promote the onset of menstruation. Some of these emmenagogues plants are also indicated in the case of certain menstrual disorders frequent. In any case, do not exceed the recommended dosage and consult your doctor's advice before taking them.

Hormonal Contraception To Trigger Her Period

It is also possible to control your menstrual cycle using some hormonal contraceptives. Indeed, the use of hormonal contraception, such as the contraceptive pill or the ring, are the only reliable methods to control and regulate their menstrual cycle. Like any medical device, the prescription of this type of contraception first requires the advice of a doctor or gynecologist.

Induce Her Period With Orgasm

orgasm to induce menstruation

sexual activity can help trigger your period in several ways. The combination of hormones produced during sexual activity and uterine contractions caused during orgasm can help dilate the cervix and help the uterus begin to shed its lining. The regular sex can also reduce the effects of stress and help promote a hormonal balance healthy and the onset of menstruation.

Prepare Your Period Panties

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trigger her period with period panties
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