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The period tracking apps and menstrual cycle calculation can help you learn more about your cycle and plan your future periods. Periods usually come once a month, but the exact date, intensity of flow, onset of menstrual cramps and accompanying symptoms are not always so regular. The many period apps available offer you better control of your cycle and your ovulation periods. These applications allow you to track your period, calculate your menstrual cycle, monitor your ovulation or keep an eye on your health and mood. For this, there are dozens of period tracker apps to download on Android and iOS, which make understanding and calculating your cycle simple, convenient and fun.

Calculate Your Menstrual Cycle To Track Your Periods

Even if your periods are regular each month, it is useful to calculate your menstrual cycle to ensure that your periods remain constant in frequency, intensity or duration. In addition, it can be useful to follow its cycles thanks to period tracking apps which allow you to know precisely when your period arrives in order to better prepare for it or to trigger your period.

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Le menstrual cycle is a recurring cycle in which the lining of the uterus thickens to prepare for a possible pregnancy. The elimination of uterine lining is the phase of the menstrual cycle better known as menstruation. The majority of women have periods every 28 days, but it is common for the menstrual cycle either shorter or longer. The typical duration of menstrual cycles can last from 21 to 35 days., with an average of 28 days. The duration of periods can also vary and last from 2 to 8 days. depending on each woman with an average of 5 days.

Furthermore, the use of a period tracker app can be useful for several reasons:

  • Le period tracking can help identify any changes in your menstrual cycle that may be an indicator of the onset of menstrual disorders or possible health problems.
  • Le menstrual cycle calculation can help you get to know your body, your cycle and observe the symptoms that may occur during a particular phase of your cycle.
  • A rules app can help you calculate your average cycle length, which it will then use to help you predict your next period. It can also help you note any symptoms during your cycle.
  • For women who have scanty periods, abundant or painful, the cycle calculation can allow you to anticipate the arrival of your period to reduce your pain and your bleeding upstream.

How does a period tracking app work?

Although each period tracker app has its own algorithm, they all rely on the user inputting accurate information in order to generate the most accurate estimate of your ovulation day, of your fertile period and date of your next period. The more you track your menstrual cycle on a daily basis, the more data these apps' algorithm will have to perfect in order to be the most relevant.

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If most period apps are focused on ovulation and fertility, a growing number of them, like Clue and Flo, allow women to rate their physical activity or their energy levels, and as symptoms associated with menstruation such as menstrual cramps and pain. Garmin et Fitbit also provide functions for menstrual cycle calculation so that women who wish can note their cycle at the same time as their physical activities (running, cycling, swimming, etc.). Other applications even offer a list of several physical activities most suited to the phase of the current menstrual cycle.

How to Calculate Your Menstrual Cycle?

Whether you use an app, a smartwatch or a pen and notebook to calculate your cycle et your ovulation, the first step is to enter this information regularly to start gathering enough data about your menstrual cycle. The more information you add, the more data the application will have to process and analyze to calculate your next cycles.

The 5 Best Period Apps

There are a large number period tracking apps available on both Android and iOS. The best apps for calculate your period must offer users the possibility of modifying their tracking goals depending on what they are looking for, to provide an analysis insight into the menstrual cycle and offer the record regular overview of all important information (mood, symptoms, daily activities, etc.) to help accurately predict your future cycles.

  • Flo's
  • Flo's uses machine learning to accurately predict your next period and ovulation dates. Thanks to calendar from the app, you will be able to note how you feel, your symptoms, your libido and the intensity of your menstrual flow. The app can also be used to track your sleep Or your physical activity. Finally, the dashboard of the app helps you learn more about your body and your cycle, and also provides you with personalized information about your health. Flo also has a pregnancy monitoring when you need it.

    Flo rules tracking application

    The app can be downloaded for free at Android et iOS. It will provide you with all the basics of period tracking, cycle calculation, ovulation and symptoms. But to access additional features, you will have to go through a premium subscription,

  • Clue
  • Clue is a period tracker app and cycle calculation (available on Android et iOS) which uses science to help its users analyze and identify unique patterns in their menstrual cycle. With the app's period tracker, multiple mood trackers, health logs, and physical activity metrics, your health and menstrual cycle will no longer be a secret to you. L'unique algorithm app learns from the data you add, which means the more you use Clue, the more efficient the app becomes. If you have ever had premenstrual symptoms (SPM), you can also track them in Clue. This app is also fully neutral in terms of genre, making it one of the period apps the most inclusive on the market. Recently, the application also offers a pregnancy monitoring.

    Clue rule tracking app

  • Period Tracker
  • This application of cycle calculation and period tracking (available on Android et iOS) is one of the most widely used in the world. Whether it's navigation, how to track or assess symptoms, everything is intuitive. In addition to the basic function of calculating menstrual cycle, ovulation and period tracking, the app can be used to record temperature, intercourse, contraception, weight, cervical mucus, mood and any other symptoms. The app also provides you with information about your fertile period and your potential ovulation date. Whether you need to remember to take your meds, vitamins or your birth control pill, the app can be set up to remind you.

    rule tracking app

  • Period Calendar
  • The Period Calendar (available on Android et iOS) is a sophisticated, elegant and fully customizable menstrual cycle calculator and period tracker. It can help women with irregular cycles as well as people who are worried about the best period of conception or the control of contraception. With the app period calendar, you can track your period, temperature, weight, moods, symptoms and blood flow. Thanks to its discreet reminders, you can prepare for the approach of your period as well as the days of ovulation. You can access all your essential information at a glance using the health tracker, and the calendar can be password protected to ensure policy of your information.

    period calendar app

  • PeriodTracker
  • The PeriodTracker (available on Android et iOS) makes recording and calculating menstrual cycles quick and easy. With a simple and pleasant interface, the application saves your data and uses the average of your information for the last three months to calculate your next period. Every day, take notes on your symptoms (menstrual cramps, pain, headaches, tender breasts, etc.) in order to communicate them to the application. You can also track your weight, temperature, and indicate your mood. The app PeriodTracker allows you to follow your period, calculate your ovulation period or your fertile period directly on the home screen or follow it via a simple monthly calendar. The app provides full graphics that illustrate variations in weight, temperature, length of period, cycle or symptoms.

    app for period tracker rules

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