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The Free Instinctive Flow Method

how to practice free instinctive flow

Le free instinctive flow (or free bleeding) has been used to question the stigmata and period taboos, to protest against the high prices of period products and to draw attention to the environmental problems related to disposable pads and tampons. It is the practice of intentionally having your period in public, without blocking or collecting the menstrual flow. Although the concept has been around for decades, the practice of free instinctive flow didn't really begin to sink into the mainstream consciousness until very recently.

What is Free Instinctive Flow?

As its name suggests, the free instinctive flow is the practice of not stopping or not collecting the menstrual flow during menstruation using a periodic protection (such as pads, tampons or menstrual cups). Although free bleeding is a valid lifestyle choice for many, it has been used in particular to protest against the tampon tax, which is still in force in many countries, and to combat the still problematic period stigma in many countries. on the planet.

How to Practice Free Instinctive Flow?

Practice the free instinctive flow is a personal choice that you can decide to make based on your comfort or your beliefs. There is no right or wrong way to practice free instinctive flow. Some people choose to do it from the comfort of their own home, while others choose to do it anywhere. It all depends on what is comfortable and acceptable for you.

Women's opinions on the issue are divided. Some compare the free bleeding breastfeeding in public. According to them, this practice is completely hygienic and is a function natural body. While some women are more comfortable bleeding with a sanitary napkin, tampon or menstrual cup, others prefer to bleed into their clothes, period panties or their skin. There are women who do not necessarily practice free instinctive flow all the time, but avoid using menstrual products only at night or in the shower.

Products to Get Into Free Instinctive Flow

If you want to practice free instinctive flow, you can choose to wear your own lingerie or period panties to protect you from stains, especially the first few days. Some period panties can hold up to four menstrual blood pads, so you don't have to worry about leaks especially when you start the free instinctive flow. They also absorb humidity and odors, allowing you to go about your day as if you weren't having your period. There are also thongs, thongs, briefs for heavy periods or period-proof shorties to offer you a wide choice for this practice.

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If you choose not to wear period panties, you can wear what feels right, knowing that you'll likely bleed through your clothes the first few times. For limit the damage, you can lay a towel down when you're seated or try it when you're quietly at home.

Instead of viewing this trend as unhygienic, advocates of the movement advocate viewing it as a call to action to openly discuss the rules, fight against the menstrual poverty and take into account the environmental impact of disposable menstrual and sanitary products.

What Are The Benefits Of Free Instinctive Flow?

In most cases, the free bleeding pose no health risk. Although instinctive free flow has no real health benefits, it does provide freedom from periodic protections and significantly reduce her period waste. It is also economical, eco-responsible and without any danger to your health unlike intimate products that contain harmful products. A few women even admitted that they felt less menstrual cramps when they were menstruating this way, although this is not scientifically or clinically proven.

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The free bleeding can be done safely at home if your flow is relatively light and you are not afraid to wash and change clothes frequently. In public, however, there is always a risk of contract viruses transmitted by blood, and it is not particularly hygienic to leave blood spots everywhere in public places. Blood exposed to the air also releases a unpleasant smell, which will force you to change clothes more often.

How to get into Free Instinctive Flow?

Menstruation should be practiced according to individual preferences, but the free instinctive flow is more than a daily practice. It has been used around the world to advocate for the standardization of rules, liberate women from menstruation taboo, fight against the inaccessibility of hygiene products menstrual cycle and raise awareness the enormous environmental impact sanitary products.

The choice to practice free instinctive flow is an incredibly personal choice. Only you can make this decision for yourself. But with the availability of more period panties, the possibility of bleeding freely without the risk of leakage is higher than ever.

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