What are Period Panties

What are Period Panties?

definition of Period Panties

Period panties are an increasingly popular alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons to prevent leaks during menstruation. If you are looking for comfortable, ecological and elegant sanitary protection, period panties may be the ideal solution for you. In this article, we will tell you in detail what period panties are, how they work and the benefits they offer.

What are Period Panties?

A Period Panties is a type of underwear that replaces sanitary napkins and tampons. They are designed to absorb menstrual flow and protect clothes from stains. Period panties are usually made of absorbent and breathable fabrics, such as cotton, microfiber or bamboo, which allow the skin to breathe and provide long-lasting protection. They also feature leak-proof barriers, such as waterproof layers that prevent leaks and keep your lingerie clean.

Period panties offer several advantages over sanitary napkins or tampons. They are reusable, meaning they can be washed and worn repeatedly, making them a durable and economical choice.

There are a wide variety of styles, cuts and tailles of period panties, so it's easy to find a model that suits your personal needs and preferences.

Plus, they don't need to be changed frequently - they can be worn for up to 12 hours without the risk of leaking - meaning they're ideal for active women.

How do period panties work?

A menstrual panty is a feminine hygiene method that allows women to manage their period without having to wear tampons or sanitary napkins. It is a specially designed panty with an integrated absorbent layer, which absorbs the menstrual flow and retains it away from the skin.

The upper part of the panties is made of breathable and elastic fabric, which allows air to circulate freely to prevent odor and infection. The inner layer contains a specialized blend of super absorbent fibers that can absorb up to 5 times its weight in fluids.

Period panties come in all kinds of tailles, colors and styles to meet personal preferences and absorption needs.

What are the benefits of period panties?

Period panties are an alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins due to their many benefits. They are reusable, which means you don't have to replace them every month. They're also designed to be comfortable and breathable, meaning you shouldn't feel any discomfort or discomfort during your period.

benefits period panties

Period panties also provide extra protection against leaks, as they absorb menstrual flow and prevent it from dripping down your pants or skirt. Plus, some are made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, which means they're kinder to the environment than disposable tampons and pads.

Finally, period panties can be a great way to save money in the long run. You won't have to buy disposable products every month and you can enjoy the benefits of reliable protection without spending too much money.

What type of fabric is used in the manufacture of period panties?

Period panties are made from different types of fabric, each with their own unique properties.

  • Le cotton is the most common. It feels soft and natural against the skin, while easily absorbing menstrual flow. Cotton is also breathable and hypoallergenic, so it's often considered a safe material for people with sensitive skin issues.
  • Le nylon and Polyester are very strong and durable synthetic materials that are often used in the manufacture of menstrual hygiene products such as period panties. They provide extra protection against leaks, as they are waterproof and have good absorbency. These synthetic materials are also light, easy to maintain
  • Le Spandex is an elastic material that allows manufacturers to create stretchy and flexible period panties for maximum comfort. This material is also used in the manufacture of leak proof swim bottom to provide better adjustability and freedom of movement.
  • La bamboo fiber is a natural material that is also very absorbent and breathable. These silky soft feel panties are often very comfortable to wear and provide excellent leak protection.
  • La microfiber is a synthetic material that is made from very fine fibers even finer than cotton. These fibers are very comfortable against the skin and have excellent absorption capacity.
  • Le PUL is used for the manufacture of Period Panties and menstrual hygiene products. It is a waterproof, breathable and elastic material that is used as an outer layer to help prevent leaks. It is made by bonding a layer of polyurethane to a cotton or polyester mesh, which allows air to circulate while preventing liquid from passing through. PUL is also durable and easy to maintain.

What is the average lifespan of period panties?

Period panties are designed to last up to 5+ years when properly cared for. The average lifespan of Period Panties depends on various factors such as the quality of the materials, the frequency of use, the care taken in washing and drying. 

It is also advisable not to leave the panties dirty for too long before washing them, this can cause unpleasant odors and stains that can be difficult to remove. The washing instructions must be followed carefully so that the panty can function properly for its maximum expected life.

Nevertheless, even if a period panty is designed to last a long time, it is advisable to replace regularly for optimal hygiene.

What is the difference between Period Panties, tampons and sanitary napkins?

Period panties, tampons, and sanitary napkins are all effective ways to absorb menstrual flow. However, they all offer different advantages and disadvantages.

The period panties are made up of several layers of absorbent fabric that can absorb up to 4 or 5 tampons. They are reusable and provide protection for a long time. They are also comfortable to wear, as they are made of soft and breathable materials. Finally, they do not contain chemical additives or irritants, making them a safer choice than other options. They are also more ecological and economical than other types of disposable sanitary protection.

The tampons on the other hand, they absorb the menstrual flow inside the body and are designed to be worn for a short period of time. They can be easier to carry than sanitary napkins or period panties because they take up less space and don't require cleaning. However, they may present greater risks associated with vaginal infections if they are not changed often enough. However, tampons generate a lot of waste.

Finally, sanitary napkins are generally considered the most convenient solution for absorbing menstrual flow because they can be easily changed and discarded after use. They also provide an extra layer between the body and the menstrual fluid to protect against moisture and heat that can cause intimate irritation or itching. However, they may contain chemicals that can cause allergies or irritate women's sensitive skin. In addition, like tampons, they generate a lot of waste.

How to wash and care for period panties?

Period Panties are a practical and comfortable way to manage your period. It is therefore important to know how to take care of it so that it can stay in good condition for as long as possible.

wash period panties

To clean period panties, it is recommended to wash them by hand or in the washing machine in cold water with mild soap without bleaches or fabric softeners. Also use detergents made specifically for fabric-based items to avoid damage. You can then air dry avoiding the dryer and ironing. Indeed, heat sources can permanently damage your Period Panties.

Period panties for menstruation Oduho

At Oduho, we are pleased to offer innovative and stylish Period Panties for reliable protection during periods. We offer a wide variety of tailles, cuts and absorption capacity to meet all needs, as well as quality materials to ensure the comfort and resistance of our panties.

We also offer menstrual swimwear that lets you enjoy vacations and outdoor activities without worrying about leaks. We also have a line of period panties for teenagers to accompany the first period in a comfortable and reliable way.

We strive to provide products that are both comfortable and affordable to support all women.

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