Collection: 1 Piece Period Swimwear

Enjoy the beach, the pool and all your favorite moments without any constraints with our one-piece Period Swimwears.

Woman posing in a one-piece Period Swimwear over the ocean

Summer Doesn't Pause, Neither Does Your Period

No towel, no stress, just fun!

Make the most of summer with our ultra-absorbent period swimwear.

Free yourself from the rules and live your days to the fullest, without any constraints.

Woman on vacation sitting on the beach wearing her one-piece strappy Period Swimwear

Summer Is Written Without Taboo

More than a jersey, a revolution!

Our Period Swimwears break taboos and change the situation.

Free yourself from preconceived ideas and live your period in complete freedom.

Celebrate Your Femininity

No more compromises between style and comfort during your period! Affirm your beauty and express your personality.

Flattering cuts and stylish designs for every style.

Want a glamorous and assertive style? Dare SOPHIA with her refined straps, for an irresistible silhouette.

Rather romantic at heart? ALICIA with her delicate ruffles will gently highlight your femininity.

A bit classic and chic? SÉRÉNA with its adjustable straps will be your timeless ally for an always impeccable look.

What if you're in a bohemian mood? CLARA with its double ruffles transports you to a sunny and trendy elsewhere.

Be bold, be free, be yourself!