Collection: Period Bikini Bottoms

Don't let your period dictate your summer anymore. Dare to wear a Period Swimwear and free yourself from constraints.

Woman in an infinity pool in Period Swimwear bottoms

Your Summer, Your Period, Your Choices

Free yourself from constraints, our menstrual swimwear gives you unparalleled freedom.

Unparalleled comfort, flawless protection, dive into the water without worry, our swimsuits guarantee absolute safety.

Elegance and style for every woman with our bikinis, culottes, or shorts. Find the model that enhances you.

Zero Constraint, Zero Escape, Zero Taboo

Don't let your rules dictate your summer anymore, our menstrual swimwear revolutionaries accompany you in all your adventures.

No more compromises, make the most of your vacation.

Designed by women for women, discover swimsuits that suit you.

Young woman sitting at the seaside wearing high waisted Period Swimwear bottoms

Free Your Mind, Be Yourself

Your period is just a part of you. Don't let them define you.

This summer, dare to change. Dare to wear a Period Swimwear and enjoy the freedom to enjoy without any constraints.

Embrace the menstrual revolution and immerse yourself in a summer without limits.