menstrual swollen belly

Swollen belly and bloating during menstruation

swollen belly during menstruation

The feeling of bloated stomach and bloating are early symptoms that many women experience before and during their period. You may feel like you've gained weight or your belly is about to explode. These feelings usually arise before the start of menstruation and usually disappear a few days later. A bloated belly is a problem mainly caused by the accumulation of air in the abdomen in direct relation to digestion. Bloating before menstruation is also one of the many symptoms of PMS (PMS) which can occur several days before the start of menstruation.

A Swollen Belly Before Menstruation

Un swollen belly before period is very common in many women. Contrary to what one might think, it is in fact your digestive system, and not your reproductive system, which causes your lower abdomen to swell. This phenomenon is mainly due to hormonal changes which occur during your menstrual cycle and is sometimes accompanied by White discharge.

belly swells menstrual cycle

After ovulation and during the luteal phase, estrogen levels drop while progesterone levels rise sharply. The uterine lining begins to prepare for a possible pregnancy while at the same time the muscle tissues of the digestive system relax. Your intestines then work more slowly because the increased contractions of the uterus impact the speed at which food moves through your digestive system. Your transit works in slow motion which leads to belly swelling that many women experience during their period. This often causes bloating or a constipation effect.

A Swollen Belly During Menstruation

swollen belly during menstruation

Before start of menstruation the progesterone level decreases. The reduction in the level of progesterone leads to the loss of lining of the uterus, which is the cause of menstrual bleeding. In addition to causing this bleeding, these hormonal changes lead to greater water and salt retention by the body causing the feeling of bloating and swollen belly.

Apart from irregular periods, bloating caused by the Water retention will not cause weight gain. You may feel heavier, but once your period arrives and the bloating goes away, your body will return to its original condition.

Reduce the feeling of bloated belly during menstruation

Foods that contain potassium, such as bananas and green leafy vegetables, can help reduce fluid retention. They work by neutralizing high levels of sodium in the body. The consumption salty foods can aggravate water retention. Reduce the consumption of refined sugars is also an important step to reduce bloating during menstruation. Foods high in sugar trigger the pancreas to release a hormone called insulin, which can lead to fluid retention and bloating.

How to Reduce Bloating Before Menstruation?

drinking water reduces bloated belly

To help limit the effect of bloated stomach and bloating before your period, you can try the following to relieve your symptoms:

  • Avoid them salty and/or processed foods which contribute to water retention.
  • Cut down on alcohol and caffeine.
  • Drink enough water to activate bowel function.
  • Eat some potassium rich foods (sweet potato, bananas, avocados or tomatoes) and avoid foods that are too high in fiber.
  • Try them out natural diuretics (spinach, asparagus, watermelon, cucumber or garlic).
  • Avoid them refined carbohydrates. They can cause blood sugar levels to rise, which further increases insulin levels and forces the kidneys to retain more sodium.
  • Exercise regularly to stimulate digestion and reduce your PMS symptoms.

Swollen belly and bloating during menstruation

Personalized mild to moderate bloating that appear before menstruation and disappear soon after menstruation begins are usually nothing to worry about. Even if you feel embarrassed or embarrassed by these physical changes, they are completely normal and natural even when you trigger your period. As long as you are able to live a normal life and your symptoms occur around your period, they should naturally subside within a few days. Take the opportunity to indulge yourself, unwind and relax. However, if you suffer from more severe bloating that prevents you from carrying out your daily activities, talk to your doctor right away.

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