Collection: Urinary Incontinence Panties

Discover Our Incontinence Panties

Urinary incontinence can occur at any age. When this happens, it's important to find the best hygienic protection to ensure you stay dry all day. While the sanitary napkins and adult diapers are often uncomfortable and affect self-esteem, incontinence panties are a revolution.

How To Deal With Urinary Incontinence?

The incontinence briefs look the same as the underwear you wear every day, except they're made with a waterproof lining and absorbent layer built-in that retains liquids. As is the case with our period panties, our panties for urinary leaks are machine washable which allows you to reuse many years.

The Benefits of Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence briefs are made of much softer materials that can conform to your body shape, making them a much more comfortable and body-friendly product. Less bulky, incontinence briefs are also much more discreet than regular bladder leak pads.

Washable and reusable incontinence briefs are also much better for the environment than sanitary napkins. Properly cared for, these urinary incontinence briefs can last for years, reducing environmental impact and saving you money on regular pad purchases. 

Why Choose Urinary Leaks?

All of our bladder leak panties are made with waterproof and breathable materials that prevent any liquid from escaping. All of our styles use wicking fabric to wick away moisture and ensure you're always comfortable and dry.

Our incontinence briefs are available in different styles and colors. Let yourself be seduced by our discreet and elegant anti-leakage lingerie.